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Dr Hira Dunswart
"Dr M R Hira and P Hira INC are General Practitioner Practices situated in the Industrial Suburb of Dunswart on the border of Boksburg and Benoni. We provide primary health care services to the local and surrounding communities. Our facility incorporates the following services : Radiography, Optometry, Podiatry and Dentistry which are all provided for by their respective independent qualified Health Care Providers. Our consultations include Point of Care Ultrasound , Blood Pressure Screening and Urinalysis as part of our standard CARE. We assist with Womans Health , Children , Elderly and Chronic Medical Conditions as well as day to day health problems that you may encounter."
Address: 1459 Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa
City: Benoni
Zip Code: 1459
categories: neighborhood

Doctor Hira has been amazing. He was able to diagnose my illness after other doctors couldn't. He is also a fraction of the cost that the other doctors charged me. I would definitely recommend him especially cause someone else recommended him to me when they couldn't get a diagnosis and had almost given up.
I'm so disappointed and hurt I lost my phonewas really sick at the pharmacy I called to see if they found it and if they could check the cameras the lady said the cameras are not working. I knew the cameras were working because I saw them at Dr. Hira's consultation room, I came in and check the cameras the next day they said the cameras are working but they cannot help me because the Doctor is always busy , they didn't even ask the doctor. My whole family we have been going to Dr. Hira and we love it and is my most preferred doctor, but how they handled my phone issue I'm not happy can't stop thinking It might have been one of the staff that took it.
I hate to say this, however in this practice there's no order. The only thing I see has order is when it comes to payments and the pharmacy area. It is my 3rd time coming here but there service is so poor from when you enter the door. Today 15th of November 2022 I have never been so disappointed like I have. 1. Receptionists - cash and medical aid areas are not friendly rude, impatient and disrespectful. Is like patients bore them for coming there. 2. There is this male worker that side of the urine station very rude and impatient. He just doesn't know how to talk to patient same thing as his co-workers 3. There is a lot to say but I'm just drained by the treatment. I'm not saying this because I am against the the medical practice but the employees are not patient centered. Hai today I'm drained shem.... But the doctor who attended me there was good although in rush. That place is always packed but there service is poor.... Perhaps is because most patients we don't know our constitutional health care rights.... I just don't know.
The practice is a well established practice the nurses are kind and friendly. However be prepared to wait if you want to see Dr Hira as his queue is longer. They also do urine tests I didn’t like the fact that they don’t provide gloves to dip the stick into the urine. Either than the long wait the doctors are thorough and deal with all issues in your consultation. Also please note it is not true that medical aid patients are prioritised before anyone else as they do inform you before hand that appointments will come first before those that choose to wait as when you choose to be seen by appointment you pay more.
I have bee seeing Dr Najam for years now, she is very professional, friendly and accommodating. I have seen other doctors as well but I just chose to stick to her because she is female and I feel more comfortable with her.
I have always got the help and right diagnosis. The Drs treat and care for you like you are family. I recommend Dr Kani and Foster. They are great. I will never change my GP. Love it there.
I’ve been a patient of doctor Minesh Hira for many years , and in my experience as a 66 year old patient I would rate him as the most professional, up to date with the latest medical technology, practical, and cost effective. The testimony of my comment is how my health has improved over the years whilst the medication prescribed by physicians was reduced substationally. Since this year, I am now engaged with Dr. Prenil Hira who is just like Dr. Minesh, very knowledgeable, well informed, practical and his treatment definitely works. In conclusion I would highly recommend the Hira practice as it offers all other medical services, like x-rays, lung function, stress ECG, facilitating blood tests as well as dental and eye care. This is a convenient 1 stop shop with a pharmacy as well, and in my opinion the cheapest health care provider in Ekurhuleni. I wish this practice great success and a continuation of the growth and evolution that has been taking place for decades.
On the 1st Sept, they refused to see a 2yr old child, saying they r closed, but we were there before closing time, bt they already closed doors, I phoned in and ask them to open, the lady said they can't they r closed, we informed them we r at the door with a very sick two year old, the receptionist said she went to ask Dr in Room 8.DR Voster.. .and he refused and said he is finished for the day,. Even begging and reminding him this is a child, a two year old that's very sick!! That didn't help he still refused because he is done and doesn't want to be bothered!!! unbelievable, how can a Dr refuse to see*a patient, especially a child??? Clearly he didn't take an oath as a Dr to be a lifesaver, they only care abt money not saving lives, so they won't take an extra 10min out of their precious time to save a life, we have been to this Dr's several times for years, Never again, but will definitely report this unethical negligence from a medical Dr!!!.. Unacceptable!!!
What an experience to say the least. No reception area to help guide new patients on where to go, you gettold to take a cup and pee in it and dip a dippy stick into your pee with no explanation as to why, the BP check and weight check is understandable but to be given an appointment at 12pm made to sit and wait for 1.5 hrs then get told that the doctor you waiting to see is going on lunch for and hour is totally unacceptable and absolutely unprofessional. Never in my life have I seen or been subjected to this type of procedures and I've been to government institutes for assistance. Very disappointed at the first impression.
Good day. I had a very disappointing experience of consulting with dr hiras partner. Had i known that dr hira was not available i would never had consulted with dr najam. She was rude and not compassionate at all. She spoke in a very rude tone and her mannerisms need much to be desired. She gives the practice a bad name.
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