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Global Travel Network Colorado
"Global Travel Network is a private, by invitation only, travel and vacation services company offering exclusive access to pricing outsiders can't access anywhere else. GTN contracts directly with travel providers and aggregators to meet the high standards of service and pricing our clients expect."
Address: 1720 S Bellaire St. Suite 308, Denver 80222
Phone: (303) 759-2400
Email: moc.ntgym@seracntg
Parking: Lot
State: CO
City: Denver
Street Number: 1720 S Bellaire St. Suite 308
Zip Code: 80222
categories: hotel resort, cruise line, travel agency

Received a call from a woman and although wary of the call being a scam I answered a handful of her questions. She wanted to have me attend a Zoom call about this company. I said I would but couldn’t stay on the phone longer to answer more questions. She seemed to get agitated with me and pretty much hung up on me. Thankful I read the reviews so I didn’t waste more time or giveaway more personal information.
I wanted to think this was a great deal. I really did. The initial presentation was very enticing. But, to start with, committing to the presentation time was difficult with our family schedule. Kids are not allowed to attend the presentation at all, not even my nursing baby. Since the presentation is out of town for us & 90 min long itself, it wasn’t a possibility for us at the time we put down the $20 deposit. The rep promised that our deposit was good for a year though, so we could figure out a time to make it work still. So we went ahead with the deposit. Over the following year, my husband’s work took him in & out of town so often that we still couldn’t make the presentation timing work with the length of it & their limited evening/weekend schedule. So we lost interest. We asked the company to return our deposit & let us contact them when we were interested in the future. Simple request, right? Apparently not. For OVER A YEAR now, I have had phone calls almost monthly from the company, pushing us to attend the presentation. No matter who I talk to & convey my disinterest, they KEEP CALLING. I’m not even a member & they can’t seem to understand that I’m done working with their company! I can’t imagine what happens if you become a member, then try to leave. We even finally told them to just keep the $20 & STOP CALLING us, but that’s apparently an impossible request. I haven’t been on any of their trips, but after being so annoyed by their inability to listen to me, I have no interest in giving them more money in the future. Good luck if you do use them yourself.
What an absolutely heart breaking experience. You are PROMISED a Disney vacation as long as you give them 90 minutes of your undivided, childless attention. Where they heavily try to sell you their “Membership” Vacation packages. We never received our vacation. Even after filling out the paperwork required. They bait you in with the “prize Disney vacation” but all they really want us your hard earned money. Do your research. The company has terrible reviews. Gross. Terrible taste in our mouth after going through this.
We were super excited that we got a "Disney trip" and all we had to do was listen to their presentation and we would get airfare and 2 nights in Disney only pay taxes. So we set the schedule and started presentation our SICK baby was next to us during video. He wasn't bother ANYONE. We got kicked out from the presentation APPARENTLY no children are allowed at all, not even around the camera. So you want us to use your company to go to Disney which is the trip for children but our children can't be with us during the presentation about a Disney trip for children. Absolutely absurd you guys are scam you better lose our phone number and our email. We were so excited to have finally found a travel agency.......we will hunt again for an actual trustworthy company. DISAPPOINTED
We were totally misinformed! We first met with a sales person at a Community festival. The sales person was extremely vague, darted around specific questions when asked. We were guaranteed there would be no strings attached. Everything was on the up and up. I informed the representative we would need to wait to schedule until I did some research on the company. His response? " i am not allowed to give you the access to the website." Seriously? If you are as transparent as you say then why all the secrecy? Why would you not have all of the information front and center? Why do you have to be filtered into a sales office for a presentation? After researching multiple review sites; I discovered the "meet and greet" in the Denver office is a high pressured sales pitch. No, it is technically not a timeshare company, however there is something that just does not add up here. Sorry, I am always the person who gives the benefit to everyone. You misled us and were not forthcoming with all the information. You just lost a member. Oh, that's right we were told this was not a membership type system. Buyer beware!
The presentation took longer than the promised 90 minutes. While we didnt buy the membership for the under $10k today only price, I didn't feel overly pressured to either. Had a difficult time understanding how the membership could be willed to our children and future grandchildren. Need to consult a lawyer on that. May have bought if we could have fully price out a cruise we are considering for March 2020.
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