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Lawrence E Jones Middle School
Address: 5154 Snyder Ln, Rohnert Park
State: CA
City: Rohnert Park
Street Number: 5154 Snyder Ln
categories: public school

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This schools amazing. The only bad reviews are coming from bullies or are random people who just get dared to write those kinds of reveiws. the teachers are nice and so are the students. the exl program is amazing and so is the normal part of the school.the pe teachers keep you active and healthy but arent drill sargents, and over all, this school is vary nice. Its a big school too, with clean locker rooms.
ExL was a great experience but others in the regular program might say otherwise. It was not too hard, lots of field trips and amazing teachers for the most part. Alot of these kids writing reviews are lazy and spoiled who only want to sit on their phones all day. Dont listen to alot of them.
LJMS is one of the best middle schools in the district. We have a new class which is a lot of fun. It is the leadership class and today we had our first rally. The teachers and the staff are all nice and care about the students last year for anti bullying week we had a band come in and they performed. That band was called new district. They have many events you can get involved in and you can go to dances. So stop hating on the teachers and staff and show them respect.
I love this school, but there are a lot rules here and the school food is manily gross. I am in the ExL program and I love it! You get a hand on experice! I would recmend anyone who wants to be good in school and is not there just because of your friends, but if you are ready. Yes, it is hard, but i gets you ready for collage. I know this because I have a relitive in high school and he has less homework then me. I love that it gets you ahead and beyond for high school. You will be ahead of everything. So please come here into our little comunity of ExL!
if there was a negative star review I would have chosen it. The staff is literal cancer. They need to know everything about you and give you no privacy and randomly search your bags when they have no reasons to. The Vice Principal is basically a reincarnated hitler. Giving speeches about "not dressing a few times in P.E is going to make you a not have a good job and not a good person. NOT DRESSING FOR PE a class that means nothing and teached you nothing that you'll ever do in your lifetime. She forces you to nod to whatever she says or else you get sent to the office and a referal. You can't argue with her over anything or else you get into even more trouble when you get called up to the office for the stupidest reasons. There are only a few teachers that are nice Mr. Brown and Mr. Sullivan and actually allow the kids to have some freedom and don't get mad at you for the stupidest things like waving at your friend in class and sending you to the office with a referal. There are kids that vape in bathrooms and wear maverick merch to top it off which is even worse than the vice principal. all around horrible school
Worst School in the world. So I'm having trouble with math and they assign me 6 grade math. Everyone is calling me autistic and stupid even though I have a 6.9 . Worst school ever. Especially the exl program. I hope the whole school loses founding and closes and the dead beat teachers are jobless.
bad very bad no go mean people the principle sucks actual idiot don't trust anyone tech might have drugs but lj , lj has drugs bad kids stupid teachers and nudes if you into tat welcome to hell am
you can never tell anyone anything, rumors spread like wild fire and there's no preventing it, I know the teachers don't try lmao. Horrible horrible school
This is the best school ever,,idk why u people need to say unpolite comments?? Thank u for lettong me go to this school,i appreciate it, Thank you all staffs and teachers of L.J.M.S. SINCERLY,a student,ashley osterholt 6grade
2012 year sucked and i was a student the teachers and priciple dont care about the school all they care about is themeselves and their salarys I wouldnt recommend this school
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Reviews, get directions and information Lawrence E Jones Middle School.

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