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Rohnert Park Junior High School


The Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District is a school district in Sonoma County, California.The District serves approximately 6000 students in the cities of Cotati and Rohnert Park and neighboring areas of Sonoma County. The district operates six elementary schools, two middle schools, a K-8 school, one comprehensive high school, a magnet school and charters two schools.The district's offices are located at 7165 Burton Avenue, Rohnert Park, CA 94928-3316.The district is supported by numerous school-connected organizations, which include PTAs, Boosters and the Education Foundation of Cotati & Rohnert Park, a non-profit organization founded in 1983 to provide private grants to the school district. Since its founding, the organization has made grants totaling over $850,000 to the district's schools.The district is governed by a board consisting of Tracy Farrell, Marc Orloff, Timothy Nonn, Jennifer Wiltermood, and Leffler Brown . The superintendent is Dr. Robert Haley.HistoryThe building of schools always reflects growth. In 1900, there was only an 8-grade, one-room school house located on land donated by the Pages. When the first Rohnert Park children started attending school in Cotati, there were less than 250 students and only one school in Cotati School District. The Cotati-Rohnert Park School District today is a complete system. Many schools have been built. John Reed was the first school in Rohnert Park (dedicated in January, 1962), thereafter, Waldo Rohnert, Thomas Page (in Cotati), and La Fiesta Elementary Schools, Rohnert Park Jr. High School, and Rancho Cotate Sr. High School were built.

Address: Rohnert Park
State: CA
City: Rohnert Park
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I went here 2 years ago, but I transferred. I'm glad I did. This school sucks. Their academic teaching is so bad. And I got bullied, my mom told the vice and the principal and they DIDNT even do anything about it!! Never go here. Go to LJ. I didn't go to LJ, but it's probably better.
This school is great Dont do the same thing I did and go to LJMS its not good there We can't use phone and you can bribe teachers for a good grade And on Wednesdays we need to pay to talk in the morning Only if I can go to tech ...it's only a matter of time Please go to THIS school It's only a matter of time will they tell your story who lives who dies whi tells your story...will they tell your story who live who dies who tell your story.i just love me some hamilton GO TO TECH DO NOT GO TO LJMS
It is tiny but there are nice chairs.
the school doesnt know how to stop bullying and drama
My friend goes here!
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Reviews, get directions and information Rohnert Park Junior High School.

Rohnert park school

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