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Sacramento Neuropathy Doctor


Our cutting edge technology and functional approach can help improve your circulation, and enhance your ability to walk, sleep and exercise more comfortably...bringing you relief and peace!


Peripheral Neuropathy affects over 20 million people in the United States alone.
You do not have to be diabetic to have peripheral neuropathy.

Are you one of the unlucky neuropathy patients that continues to have symptoms, even though you feel like you have had every test under the sun, and have taken every medication, and tried every remedy known to man? Do you continue to have these neuropathy symptoms:
• Burning In Your Hands or Feet
• Pin's and Needles Sensations
• Pain In Your Hands Or Feet
• Constantly Dropping Things
• Inability To Do Things With Your Hands That Was Once Easy
• Inability To Walk Long Distances Without Extreme Pain
• Problems With Balance and Coordination

When you schedule a free consultation with Dr. Nguyen, you will learn:

1. How it is possible to have your neuropathy caused by a blood sugar problem, even if you're not diabetic, and your fasting blood sugar never measures above 100.
2. Why your immune system could be interacting with your nerves... even if your doctor ruled out conditions like Multiple Sclerosis or Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
3. Why the foods you eat every day can literally be destroying your nerves... and this can be happening even if you have never had a single stomach complaint in your life.
4. How mis-firing in a particular part in your brain can create your neuropathy symptoms... this can be tested for non-invasively and rehabilitated without drugs or pills.
5. How imbalances in your hormones can contribute to your neuropathy... and natural approaches that can balance them.
6. Why an effective management protocol for neuropathy will take a whole-person, functional approach, to maximize your ability to live without pain and numbness.

Address: 7811 Laguna Blvd, Ste 180, Elk Grove 95758
Phone: (916) 478-2634
State: CA
City: Elk Grove
Street Number: 7811 Laguna Blvd, Ste 180
Zip Code: 95758
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Reviews, get directions and information

Sacramento Neuropathy Doctor

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