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San Antonio Airport Police Department


The San Antonio Airport Police Department strives to enhance the safety and security of the Airport, the citizens and the traveling public who utilize it.

Address: 9623 West Terminal Drive, San Antonio 78216
Phone: (210) 207-3433
State: TX
City: San Antonio
Street Number: 9623 West Terminal Drive
Zip Code: 78216
categories: police station, law enforcement agency

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A really nice guy opened the front door for me and asked what do I need. Later I realized that he was a high rank officer but he wasn’t wearing his uniform. After telling him my case, he quickly told one of the other officers that were there present. Officer D.H Martinez promptly helped me. He was there early and decided to help me; even though his shift didn’t start yet, he listened to my situation very carefully and attentively I’m really grateful to the San Antonio Airpot Police Department for their help and politeness. Ruth ElyGuest
A long day, lots on my mind, and distraction from the back seat = speeding as I left the airport. A tremendous thank-you to the San Antonio Airport Police officer who shook my hand and said "How about I give you a break and don't write you a ticket, and you give me a break and slow down?" I can promise him that this kindness will have more of a positive impact on my driving than a ticket would have.
Got a little turned around at the airport. Tuned in the police parking lot to ask direction. Car was empty, pulled up the map on my phone while parked real quick to find where i need to go. Police officer pulled up and was rude. Would not let me ask the question and told me i had to leave. Tone off voice was rude. Still see San Antonio has some bad cops that make the good ones look bad too.
My friend was picking me up at the airport in terminal B. She put her car in park, seatbelt still on. Turn on her hazard lights and made sure, she was away from the no parking zone and the cross walk. She was about to text me until I called. Asking her, "Where are you", she informs me that I need to hurry because the cop is yelling at her to move. An she kept saying, my friend is comming. He said,"Well, is she standing right here"? She was still on the phone with me he really raised his voice.Then he yells at her again, she gets out the car to try to close her trunk, then he yells at her to move. She never got the chance to close the trunk. Then was about to give her a ticket as she was about to leave because, the trunk was open. Of course the trunk is still open. Because your continually yelling, for my friend to move. An telling the car behind her that she needs to move. But keep in mind he not telling anyone else to move even though they were there way before she was. Does he have something against female's??
Glad to see the police at the airport not letting people sit and wait for passengers which block the areas for the rest of us who obey the rules! There is a cell phone waiting lot for that! Wait at the cell phone lot if you arrive early to keep things from being problematic at the pick up areas! The signs say the area at the airport is for pick up only, not for sitting and waiting to pick someone up! If people would follow the rules there wouldn't be so many issues!
Simply rude and belligerent, set a fine example of how most San Antonio Police officers are. Not respectable at all, simply do not know how to talk to people who are otherwise not police officers.
Officer Burkowski was extremely rude and completely unhelpful.
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Reviews, get directions and information San Antonio Airport Police Department.

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