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Sublime Creations Gourmet Meals


Sublime Creations is the only meal plan service that helps families and individuals with busy schedules eat properly so they can spend more time focusing on what they love. Our personalized service makes ordering easy


Darren and Paul met working together in an Italian restaurant. Darren was just starting out as a cook and Paul was the restaurants go to guy. The two got along great and became friends. Over time, working 50+ hours a week together, they came up with the idea of opening a catering business.

Darren immediately started working on a logo and creating a website. Paul spent his time creating a menu. On August 1st, 2016, Sublime Creations became a business.

Working from home, the first few months were quiet. Friends and family showed their support by hiring them for small contracts but without real credibility, getting more contracts was tricky.

In September, Darren quit his job to put more focus on the business. It took a month of brainstorming until he thought of offering a meal plan service.

Paul quickly got to work on a menu for what was to be known as Sublime Creations very first week of meal plans, offering only his best dishes. The price was $35 for five meals and it was a special promotional offer to friends and family.

15 people ordered that week and it took over 12 hours to prepare 75 meals that Saturday. The next day, Paul and Darren went their separate ways, delivering the meals to friends and family. The hard work was worth it.

From that point on, they took the focus away from catering and decided to focus solely on meal plans.

With limited finances and small kitchen space at home. They slowly built up a clientele and developed their service. Along the way, they received help from various people and slowly they developed their brand.
“Keeping you out of the kitchen
so you can focus on your passion”
One year later, Sublime Creations has a steady clientele serving the Greater Montreal area. They offer free delivery on orders and they remain committed to always using fresh ingredients. Their menu changes weekly offering classic Italian/French dishes.

October 14th 2017, the company was able to move from an in home business to its new location on 3240 Francis Hughes, Laval.


To always use fresh (never frozen) vegetables, to always use high quality, perfectly seasoned meats, to compost all our food waste, and to provide all our clients with a friendly and professional experience.


Catering / Meal Preparation
Restauration /
Préparation des Repas

Address: 3240 Francis Hughes, Laval H7L 5A7
Phone: 5143184591
State: QC
City: Laval
Street Number: 3240 Francis Hughes
Zip Code: H7L 5A7
categories: restaurant, caterer, food delivery service

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