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Kingsway Campus Auckland Park, also known as APK, is the largest and most populated of the four campuses of the University of Johannesburg. It is also the seat of the administration and governance body of the university. The campus was formerly the only educational campus of the Rand Afrikaans University. The campus gets its name from a major Johannesburg road, Kingsway Avenue, that runs along the north-east side of the campus. The roads that form the boundary of the campus are (clock-wise) University Road, Ditton Avenue, Ripley Road, Hampton Avenue, Studente Avenue, Akademie Road and Perth Road. Although the official name of the campus implies that it is in Auckland Park, it actually falls just out of that suburb by one street. It is technically in the suburb of Rossmore with the first-year parking lot bordering the suburb of Melville, Gauteng.Campus groundsThe layout of the campus's main building is unconventional in that the entire campus is essentially one building. This, in its day, was an architectural feat earning RAU an award from the South African Institute of Architects upon the opening of the campus in 1975, by Dr. Nicolaas Diederichs, first chancellor and State President. Although many architects feel the circular-shaped, concrete and coloured-steel building is a masterpiece, it has just as many critics. The term "Archi-torture" is jokingly used by students and residents of surrounding suburbs alike. The building has a multipurpose design and may be easily converted to accommodate different needs all within a 48-hour conversion period, for example to that of a hospital.

Address: Kingsway And University Rds, 2193 Johannesburg
Phone: 011 559 0000
City: Johannesburg
Street Number: Kingsway And University Rds
Zip Code: 2193
categories: landmark & historical place, educational research center

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I used to stay at APK UJ and live at Admin flat for one year. The room was super comfortable and had all the facilities including its own bathroom and kitchen. In general it is very nice and safe to stay on Campus. There is a Student centre where you can go for lunch but there is only one place where you can get some tasty healthy food. Most of the cafes offer only different kinds of fast-food. There is also a shop where one can buy some groceries. The only thing that I found very unconvenient is that if you are coming to the Campus by Uber or any other taxi, they are not allowed to go inside and can only drop you off by the Campus gate. Sometimes it is very unconvenient especially if you’re coming from a supermarket with heavy bags full of groceries
What a wonderful campus, the buildings are so refreshing especially now since it is graduation season, the fountain is just so amazing to just look at and see graduates taking pictures next to it.
When you talk or email the staff it's like talking to robots as everything is refer to this or refer to that. The reason people ask questions is for clarification not to be told by robots to refer to this and that. The fact is that the documents don't even state the information you are asking but these people are too lazy to do anything. You won't get any help for anything.
The service was excellent and very professional. My son got help very quickly, thank you so much for the quick service.
One of the best universities in the country. This is University of Johannesburg main campus, biggest, clean and most iconic. All graduations are hosted at the Sanlam Auditorium where graduates from all 4 campuses are honored with their respective qualifications. Located near campus Square mall. Secure parking and easy to find campus since since located on the main road. The future. Reimagined.
The environment is always clean and the loans are ever green. It's a lovely place to live and study.
Took my neice for her NBTs. Friendly, accommodating staff. If this is what it's like across the board I can't think of a better environment for learning!
I'm currently studying at UJ,amazing campus to be on,I always feel safe and free to express myself.
Fantastic and exhilarating experience! A serene haven of learning!
I'm studying there and I love the university
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