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Deli In the Curtis Center
Address: 601 Walnut St , Philadelphia 19106, PA, US
Phone: (215) 923-1610
State: PA
City: Philadelphia
Zip Code: 19106

opening hours

Monday: 07:00-15:00
Tuesday: 07:00-15:00
Wednesday: 07:00-15:00
Thursday: 07:00-15:00
Friday: 07:00-15:00

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I was just at the Curtis Center for a doctor's appointment and afterwards went to see about something to eat at the Deli since it was closed the last time I was in the building. I had the lunch special: a half sandwich, small chicken caesar salad and a small soup. The sandwich was quite tasty and the soup and salad were both good. It was actually a very good bargain for $11.45 as I was thinking about going to Wawa on Chestnut Street. Also the staff was friendly and helpful about the options available as it was my first visit.
My order was simple, a toasted corn muffin. The only reason I gave three stars is because the corn muffin was good and the cashier was pleasant. The cook however is very rude and has a nasty disposition. He hung up on me when I called to make my order and when I got there his attitude isn't any better. He needs to find something where he is not seen or heard.
Local Mom & Pop deli with home made soup and sandwiches to order. Great prices for such an amazing location in the Curtis! Beautiful fountain and historic art make eating here very relaxing.
I was on lunch break and decided to visit the daily place, it was clea fare as I can tell order turkey and cheese sandwich it was good and a lot of meat but only problem when your eating out and your on a kosher diet people don't know this even if you dress the part I had to tell the owner to change gloves and he did but with this strange look upon his face????
Best soup & sandwhich in the area as well as most reasonable. The man making the sandwhiches doesn't like b.s. know your order & don't be annoying, I respect his craft.
I ordered from here as well. The people ordering were friendlier than the guy who looks like he owns the place and the workers. Nobody smiled except for the cashier. I got an Italian Hoagie with mustard I do not like mayo on my bread. The meal was good, but not great for such a location. I got a better hoagie off of Broad and Tasker from a guy with a peppered beard and a Philly Eagles cap. Every bite from FoodPointe was delicious. This place, he looks like he went to school to learn how to make food, but he obviously was not the top of his class. Next stop, Old Nelsons.
I had THE worst eggplant parm sandwich today. It was the special at The Deli, and I love eggplant so I ordered it. Took a bit of a wait, but I knew they had to bake it. When my "sandwich" came out it was mush with mozzarella melted over it. If you baked an eggplant, scooped out the center and put it in a roll, then melted cheese on top, you would have what I ate. Only this one tasted like sauerkraut. So I am assuming the eggplant was rancid already. Could be why it was the special of the day. I needed to get back to work so I dumped it in the trash and left. I considered letting them know, but there is no way they didn't know what they served me.
The owner is an excellent cook, however he has a nasty attitude and should be barred by the law from any contact with the public. I understand the public can be a pain but that's what he signed up for. He is worst than the cook on Seinfeld "NO SOUP FOR YOU".
Not really but I’m slightly hungry
I've been coming here for 7 1/2 years. I work right across the street. Great service, Never a problem, realistic prices, really good food!! I highly recommend the LAMB GYRO WITH THE SHRIMP SALAD! Woa!! Big menu to choose from.2 thumbs up!
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