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Butler in the Woods


We have different options to choose from to make your trip most enjoyable!

1 Day Picnic Packages - "Butler in the Woods"

We have day packages where the ultimate picnic is set up for you--Either out in the woods along a stream, or up on a mountain with incredible views! These packages can also come with an organized hike plan and can even include a scavenger hunt along the way! Everything is set up for you, fresh food cooked, wine and beverages of your choice, blankets, pillows, glassware, utensils, and drinking water!

***Optional: Our Butler in a tuxedo on site, waiting on your every need, allowing you time to talk while snacking on cheese, meats, and fruits before he serves your main course. And of course, he will check on you periodically to keep your drinks topped off! You will still have your ultimate privacy! Just call him with the walki-talkie provided if you need anything! You will choose your meals from the menu within one week for your scheduled picnic.

"Camping in Style" - Our Overnight Packages:

1. One experience has you drive right up to your Glamping Package site, which is private and secluded. That way you have your car right with you and you don't have to hike in any of your food or clothes. From one of these sites, you can walk right onto a beautiful trail that meanders over some low water bridges over streams, past a little cabin, views of cliffs, and ultimately an incredible view of the mountains and valley below! You can choose to make this hike anywhere from .5 miles to a 5 mile loop.

2. Another experience has you hike into the woods about .4 miles to get to your remote and secluded Glamping Package site. The same way you go in, is the same way our crews hump all the gear for you! No easy task! But once you're there, its awesome! (On a large creek too!)

3. Third, we have a Glamping Package site that you hike 1 mile up a mountain to get to, with views galore! This site sits is the perfect direction to watch the sunset over the valley, and you can look right out of your tent window in the morning and watch the sun cresting behind you, lighting up the valley below! No light pollution out there; no buildings or houses to be seen. At night you will enjoy a sky full of stars! And incredible sight!

4. Finally, we can customize any ideas you have. We have also set people up at an actual campground who require full facilities. We are flexible to take these packages anywhere we find beautiful and unique spots during our many hikes in the forest! There's always a new place!

These are all fully-pampered-packages. You bring the clothes you need and you show up. Some people opt to bring their own food and beverage. Everything else will be there, including ice in the ice chest! We want you to carry and think about as little as possible! From the tent, to clean linens, the bed, tables, chairs, cook stove, utensils, washing water, drinking water, games--you name it, it will all be there for you!

There is a community center with music and a bar the fires up at 4:00pm daily.

There is a study center for college students. These are tables set up along the creek. Outlets at each table for laptops. The Butler in the Woods caters to these tables, offering coffee, water, tea, other beverages, and snacks, sandwiches, and burgers! The WiFi is great!

If any of this gets you excited, message us and we can send you a .PDF file with more information! Then just select your package, and your arrival and departure date, and you're good to go!

PS We have other areas all around! If there is a more convenient location, let us know!

-Butler in the Woods

Address: 21 Close Mountain Road, Parsons 17268
Phone: (240) 440-4614
State: WV
City: Parsons
Street Number: 21 Close Mountain Road
Zip Code: 17268
categories: campground

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