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Dollar Car Rental
"Book the absolute best car for your money at Thrifty Car Rental - Los Angeles International Airport LAX at 9000 Airport Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90045 , Unitedstates. Score unbeatable rental car deals with our huge selection of vehicles.Plus, learn how you can spend less and adventure more by getting up to 10% when you prepay. No credit card? No problem. Discover how you can book your next car rental with your debit card."
Address: 1025 South Labrea Ave, Los Angeles 90019
Phone: (323) 933-4949
State: CA
City: Los Angeles
Street Number: 1025 South Labrea Ave
Zip Code: 90019
categories: car rental

Opening Hours

Monday: 09:00 - 18:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 18:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 18:00
Friday: 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 16:00

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Never again! The reservation line wound around inside and even continued outside to the end of the block -- everyone had to wait at least two hours to pickup their reservation! The staff were mostly friendly and understanding of everyone's frustrations just trying to get their rental car to start Memorial Day Weekend, but the Dollar Rental Car company policies and staffing decisions are horrible! Most counters weren't staffed on one of their busiest weekends of the year, and they require their staff to talk at length with every customer to upcharge gas and insurance. I just want the keys! I felt bad for the employees, as the terrible situation that their employer put them in made some customers yell. This cheap rental is not worth saving a few bucks a day. Spring for a better-run car rental company. The car even had scratches and dings on it. Be sure to take pictures before driving off the lot!
Picked up our rental super late! Mistakenly thinking they were connected to airport and with late flight we picked car up around 130 am, from traveling all day! Exhausted at this point, wake up next day to see this dirty car in which I was overcharged by 300 from booking price. I called the next day only to keep getting command to go online to file a complaint. Never an option to speak to a live person, so I go on line to file a complaint only to continue receiving an error message from entering my name. Set up! I tough the trip out to say I’ll just speak with someone when I return the car. The manager was not helpful nor emphatic to my problem, especially one of being over charged 300. She says I was charged for insurance, i was never give an option to purchase. She offers me a discount for my next rental, why would I return as a customer when this was my first experience.
First of all you might wanna call and be sure they accept your credit card because we got there and they denied my Visa credit card by showing me a note written on an envelope saying “debit cards we don’t accept” followed by a list of companies they don’t accept. I tried to use a chime credit builder but was forced to use my debit card, and they charged me a $500 holding deposit. Then because of that confusion they didn’t want to give me the midsized suv that I originally reserved. Rented the car for 5 days and returned the car cleaner than received it and was charged $30 for damage. When I try to call customer service, you are unable to speak to anyone. I submitted an email claim and I hope I can get that $30 damage charge refunded. I don’t recommend renting from this company unless you have the time and money to be inconvenienced.
The staff was nice, but the place was managed extremely poorly. Long lines and not enough staff for like dozens of customers waiting 110 minutes to even get to the counter. There was a line to get to a second line, with the second line going out of the door in the building - that bad! Most of the check in could be automated Hertz and Enterprise have done this, so I was shocked that Thrifty is years behind the rest. If you value your time and sanity, I would pick another car company. I’ve never had to wait even half as long to get a car rental as this line.
The counter experience was pleasant. The bill was not. Was quoted 269 for a economy sedan reservation. I asked for a slighlty bigger car but still a 4 cylinder. After fees and taxes the total was almost 800 dollars. In all honesty i needed the car but its just robbery. For a couple hundred more i could have given a down payment on this beat up car. Ive rented countless vehicles in the past and have never been so discouraged. It didnt get any better going to other vendors. If i could give thrifty a zero i would. Don't ever rent a car in CommieFornia. Just to give perspective this was a 3 day rental. Ive rented cars in Chicago for 5 days for less than 300 dollars with a free upgrade to a luxury sedan. This vehicle was in terrible condition. Never ever again. Yes i filled out the damage waiver because they will try and blame the damage on me .
This place is embarrassingly slow. Lot's of Hertz employees standing around behind the counter while Thrifty/Dollar owned by the Hertz customers wait in line for well over an hour. Renting a car in 2022 should be easy. Dare I say "automatic". But not here. I haven't experienced such incompetence renting a car.
Thrifty car rental experience…. Landed at the airport with two large check-in‘s three carry-on a kids strollers and a car seats. Have to rent a push car to get to the thrifty bus. Louie the trainee bus driver goes the extra mile and helps my family with our bags !!! We didn’t even have to ask he just noticed we are in need and did an excellent 5 star job. However when we arrived at thrifty the line was soooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo ooo ooo long ggg that it sour the experience. They need more check-in assistance or even just computerized check in with keys dropping out like a vending machine. The staff are nice but they are definitely over taxed with not enough help. Jorge gave great advice about insurance pushing to make a sale like he gets a commission. He doesn’t have name badge so that’s what he said his name is??? … If you or a consumer or the owner and like this review you could say thank by following me on Google reviews and liking this post…. ……. Have The best day ever.
Hundreds of people standing in line to pick up an already reserved car. Agents sitting doing nothing. Worst service I've ever seen in my life. Craziness..... Walked in at 12:35. In the car at 2:09.
The employees have no idea what they are doing! they’re rude and aggressive and extremely disrespectful. First of all. They take forever to give you 1 car that we already paid for and on top of that once we got to the car we realized the battery was dead! When we came back to tell her about it she left for another 30 minutes and told us to go out the key back in the broken car ourselves!! This is beyond disgusting. I am extremely disappointed this place is horrible.
Watch out for being mid sold extras. We were pressured into taking the Prepayment Fuel Option FPO on the basis we would only be charged for the fuel needed to top it up at the end at a good price after questioning this over and over. Instead we were charged for a whole tank of petrol despite returning with 7/8 of a tank. We nearly payed $120 extra for a ‘toll pass’ which we didn’t need despite being told we would I pre checked our routes for if we needed tolls. They are only interested in commission on the extras they can sell you.
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