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Dr David Rosenfeld, MD Proctologist


Dr. David Rosenfeld, proctologist, provides compassionate expert care in diagnostic colonoscopy, fissures, and 'No Cutting' doppler hemorrhoid surgery.


Dr. Rosenfeld is a proctologist (butt doctor) who believes in providing a warm, caring and compassionate environment for his patients who are often in pain, frightened and embarrassed about their condition. His up to date medical treatments, mid-west values, sense of humor and 1950′s bedside manner make him the 'Proctologist with a soft touch'. Please note that private messages sent through Facebook are secure, but emails sent via Facebook are not secure and are not going to a private email.

"David B. Rosenfeld, M.D.'s goal is to offer excellent care in the field of proctology BUTT Doctor and colonoscopy. He and his staff are committed to providing a warm, caring and compassionate environment for every patient.Those seeking a proctologist are typically in pain, frightened and embarrassed about their condition. It is important for the patient to feel comfortable in order to facilitate a discussion of problems, maximizing the doctor’s ability to give the best care possible.Dr. Rosenfeld’s goal is to offer up to date medical treatment with a 1950′s bedside manner."
Address: 341 S Moorpark Rd, Thousand Oaks 91361
Phone: (805) 230-BUTZ (2889)
Parking: Lot, Street
State: CA
City: Thousand Oaks
Street Number: 341 S Moorpark Rd
Zip Code: 91361
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Opening Hours

Monday: 08:00 - 16:00
Tuesday: 08:00 - 16:00
Wednesday: 08:00 - 16:00
Thursday: 08:00 - 16:00
Friday: 08:00 - 16:00

Best bed-side manner ever! Dr. Rosenfeld is perhaps the best doctor I've ever seen. He explained everything, provided a treatment for fissure pain that worked incredibly well and was so gentle and compassionate! His nursing staff are absolutely incredible too. Best doctor's office I've ever visited.
I usually don’t write reviews but Dr. Rosenfeld has helped give me my life back. I found him after desperately looking for another doctor and after a not so great experience with another proctologist in my area. Unlike my other proctologist, Dr. Rosenfeld was very compassionate, caring, understanding and really took the time to listen to me and helped resolve an issue that my previous proctologist failed to resolve, I am so thankful I found him!
Dr. Rosenfeld was extremely helpful in diagnosing my issue, and was very careful to explain the issue and the necessary surgery in a way that was easy to understand. The post surgery recovery was made much easier with the addition of a long lasting anesthetic that Dr. Rosenfeld includes solely for patients comfort during recovery. I would gladly visit Dr. Rosenfeld again for any proctology needs!
Best experience I've ever had in a doctors office. The atmosphere and Lyndsey, along with the doctor were great! I've gone to numerous different doctors along the years trying to get help and figure out what to do for me and just haven't been having the best experiences. Dr. Rosenfeld, changed that for me. He is the nicest, warmest, sympathetic, straight forward, wants to really help and try to figure best route doctor I've ever encountered. I'll be going back for a follow up and just feel really at peace as to what may be figured out for next steps. I haven't had that feeling for 3 years now. Thank you Dr! ​
My actual name is Darren, and Christine, Lyndsey, and Dr. Rosenfeld are incredible. The atmosphere has almost a zen like calm to it from the moment you walk in. I wasn't even supposed to be seen that day, but Dr Rosenfeld cancelled his time off just to relieve my pain. He was honest about everything and coached me perfectly to get through a difficult procedure. If you need a proctologist, don't walk, run to Dr. Rosenfeld.
Dr. David Rosenfeld, Lyndsey and Kristie made an excellent care team helping me with my concerns. They were able to fit me into a time slot that fit my needs and to address my care concerns in a clearly laid out manner. I would recommend this team and their services to anyone considering gastroenterology or proctology concerns being met and addressed as it pertains to the respective field. Thanks so much!
I don't think anyone looks forward to visiting a proctologist, that being said... Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff are absolutely amazing. Quality service, extremely friendly, and affordable pricing. I had been dragging my feet for over 2 years before I finally committed to a visit with Dr. Rosenfeld. I was scared, worried, and embarrassed to visit a proctologist for my hemorrhoid issues and was terrified that I might need surgery to get back to normal. To my surprise all the worries were in my head, and what actually happened was a super simple painless procedure that had me in and out of his office within 15 minutes. No down time from work, activities, or my daily schedule. He recommended a psyllium fiber supplement that is absolutely amazing. I have IBS and it really helps the consistency with your bathroom breaks...not to mention you're off the toilet in less than a couple minutes. I honestly wish there were more doctors like Dr. Rosenfeld in other practices as well because more people would be getting the care they actually need. So take it from me, stop dragging your feet, just bend over and get it over with.
Almost 4 months pregnant, and had an emergency situation where I need help from a proctologist. I was highly recommended to Dr. Rosenfeld by my midwife who has had many clients that swear by him. I called them and explained my situation and concern and need for an immediate appointment. Lindsey at the front desk was so kind and got me in the next day. The Dr. has wonderful bedside manner and is obviously experienced and professional. I started on his recommendations for healing and started feeling better quickly. I cannot recommend this Doctor and his practice highly enough.
Dr. Rosenfeld is the kindest and most compassionate doctor I've encountered in a long time. He takes embarrassing situations and normalizes them, making his patients feel at ease and comfortable. His medical staff and office are also very warm and welcoming and create a "safe space" for patients. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenfeld. My experience was exceptional; I can't express enough how much better you will feel after seeing him.
I am a direct no nonsense type of person when it comes to giving feedback or writing reviews. Simply put, Dr. Rosenfeld is the best doctor I have ever met or been treated by. I write this review from the perspective of a person who has seen Dr. Rosenfeld for several years. Unfortunately, I developed a very painful thrombosed hemorrhoid and Dr. Rosenfeld performed an in- office painless procedure that changed my life. I had seen several doctors, including my gastro, and none of them helped, that's what led me to Dr. Rosenfeld and after seeing him I was out of pain and I was so grateful for his expertise and his immediate help. Recently, I saw him for another issue and this time It required surgery- fistula. Once again, I received fantastic care. What I like best about Dr. Rosenfeld is that he takes his time when he explains the treatment approach and he answers all of your questions. Furthermore, what separates him from so many other doctors is that he treats his patients like family and oh by the way, he also happens to be an excellent surgeon. I cannot give a stronger endorsement! See him and his team without hesitation.
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Reviews, get directions and information Dr David Rosenfeld, MD Proctologist.

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