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Jefferson Regional Health Pavillion
Address: Bethel Park, Pennsylvania 15102
State: PA
City: Bethel Park
Zip Code: 15102
categories: doctor

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I had a minor procedure there this morning and did not have a good experience. The nurse had a hard time getting the IV into my vein. She tried hard and was nice about it, but the anesthesiologist basically said it happens a lot, it wasn't their fault, and basically sorry, but it's not their problem. It has happened to me only one other time, when I had a procedure at the AHN Peters Wellness surgical center, which is now closed. I've never had it happen at Canonsburg or Washington Hospitals 5 colonoscopies and 3 knee surgeries over the last 20 years, including a colonoscopy 7 months ago, but it has happened the only 2 times I've gone to AHN same day surgery centers. Apparently a warm compress to the area can make veins stand out better; I don't know why they could not apply a warm compress when I got into preop and waited 10 minutes for it to work before trying to stick me if they couldn't get to my vein. The procedure started almost one hour after scheduled time, which I realize happens. However, it would have been nice if someone had come to me at the scheduled time and told me it was going to be an hour late; just laying there after the IV problem added to my anxiety, which I don't think some of the AHN staff understood or were concerned about. I wound up having the IV in me for almost 2 hours before it was needed for any medication, just because that's how they work there. Again, it would have been nice if they'd not put it in till maybe a half hour before needed. If and when I need a procedure requiring anesthesia again, I will try to get it done in a Washington County hospital first, and if that fails, go to a UPMC local facility.
My husband is having to have an ultrasound done to find out if he has a potentially deadly condition. We are both extremely worried. The extremely rude tech wouldn’t even allow me to be with him in the room while he finds out this life or death information even though he has authorized me on his paper work. No bed side manner whatsoever. *** edit*** If I could give 0 stars, I would. One hand does not know what the other is doing at this practice. One will order a test, and the next will say that the test should've never been ordered. It seems like their main goal is just to rack up charges. My husband hasn't seen the same doctor in over 5 years, it's always a different doctor with a different idea and plan.When he asked if he could see his original doctor, the person in the office actually laughed at him. We're actually searching for a different doctor outside of this pavilion and will not be returning.
Online hours say open till 12 on sat. They stated on the phone they close at 11.
I have always had a good experience here and love that everything is on one chart.
Perfect for seniors to get fit
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Reviews, get directions and information Jefferson Regional Health Pavillion.

Jefferson health

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