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Cape Car Rental / Kuilsriver


Affordable Car Rental
Cash / Debit & Credit Cards Welcome
EFT Payments to confirm bookings
E-mail for quotes to : [email protected]


Affordable Car Rental
Cash / Debit & Credit Cards Welcome
EFT Payments to confirm bookings
E-mail for quotes to : [email protected]

Address: 71 van Riebeeck Road, 7580 Kuilsrivier, Western Cape, South Africa
Phone: 021 903 9994
Email: az.oc.latnerracepac@ofni
Parking: Street
City: Kuilsrivier
Street Number: 71 van Riebeeck Road
Zip Code: 7580
categories: cars, car rental

Opening Hours

Monday: 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday: 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday: 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday: 08:00 - 17:00
Friday: 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00

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Unprofessional? Nope! STUPID ARROGANT IDIOTS better describe how I'm feeling! They calculated R1960+R40+R1500=R3540 1st error. I was billed for 7 days from Saturday afternoon but they called the Friday morning 6th day telling me the car had to be back at 10am and if I don't bring it back immediately, they will deduct from my deposit for an additional day error 2. I pointed out the mistake to several staff and requested an invoice that I waited 5 weeks for. The invoice calculated the same as above plus they deducted and additional day plus R40 admin fee for logging their error, from deposit?! Even after i spoke to several people and also sent an email to their accounts department. I waited 7 weeks for my deposit and only got a portion back. Also, the car was dirty and had broken mirrors and torn seats which they said was documented so i shouldn't worry. I took the car because they were closest and I was desperate as mine was at the mechanic and i had to fetch a client at the airport. I will advise all my clients not to make the same mistake i made, by dealing with these people. Luckily I took a few photo's of the car for reference.
This company is an absolute scam. They will never give you your deposit back, always one excuse after the next. Not to mention that the car itself was in a terrible state and I doubt that it was even roadworthy. We were actually scared to drive the car the second day we had it so we made another arrangement. If I could give them minus stars I would. I cannot fathom how anyone could give them a positive review after the service, or complete lack thereof, that they give.
Cape car rental is the worst i had a broken Hyundai and i had to put in oil every day with my own money. that was 3 months ago and im still waiting on my deposit back if you call them then they are just waiting on feedback from head office ill never ever use your company again and ill advise no one to use them. This is very bad for business
Very friendly and efficient staff. I got a nice deal as I did my booking online. With the online app, you are able to change your booking dates and times as you wish and the transaction will go through accordingly. The app is very user friendly. It makes life so much easier.
A star for not ever returning calls. Always some excuse for not paying back full deposit. Never say why... Please be carefull I will never rent from them again, not even if their price are the lowest! Its been 7weeks already, still waiting. Always I will phone you back. Not once did they bother to call. Maybe I must go to Hello Peter... I did told everyone I know about this and believe me they all cancelled or will not rent there anymore.
FIVE STARS FOR BEING TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL I'm informing all clients to be careful when you hire a vehicle by CAPE CAR RENTAL. Try to get service, information or even ask to speak to the owner. If you ask a question you will get an answer such as I will speak to head office. Joke! Where is head office. If questions are ask about repaying deposit you will get an answers such as "I'll speak to head office" Do not expect to get a call from them cause you will wait for ever. Trying to get hold of the owner - Oh dear - no chance as the owner is to busy and therefore tell his admin personnel to give you a message - "the car needs to go to the work shop", after the car broke down with in the first day of hiring, two weeks prior to today. So why is the vehicle still standing and not attended too, two weeks ago. Why can no one call back in keep us, the client informed. Why am I, on behalf of my son, not worthy to discuss this issues a client. The money was good when it was paid cash. No one had a problem receiving the R2900,00 on delivery. A day later the vehicle breaks down and now no one can give you answers or will speak to you regarding the matter. Surely if the vehicles are not looked after it will break down on some stage. This would not be the clients fault it would be the owners liability to attend to his vehicles in such a manner that every client get the service he/she is paying for but oh dear not CAPE CAR RENTALS. Maybe that's why the vehicle is still standing cause the owner knows. I get the feeling they are more into renting the vehicles out, receiving the money and wants to hold the client liable to maintain there vehicles. My son drove just over the 70 km when the vehicle broke down with him and his son of 5 years. Standing for hours on the N1 with out water or food and only hearing excuses from the admin personal. They could not get hold of him they do not have any other vehicle available, bla, bla, bla. Only after I have phoned the afternoon they send out a mechanic to attend to the car. Which they could not fix and had to tow in. Cause the mechanic's job is just to keep the vehicle on the road. Luckily it happened during day time and not at night or on an unsafe road. CAPE CAR RENTAL you cannot speak to me over the phone because you do not have answers for me. You cannot answer my questions because you know your cars are not up to standard, especially the White VW Polo registration no CA 615971. CAPE CARE RENTAL I recommend that you up your game and see to your clients. Help them professionally and assist were you can if they get in to trouble with your vehicles. DO NOT treat them as not worthy to speak to or attend too because your clients are paying your salary. Tomorrow your 15 day period expires as per your unsigned contract. If you did not attend to the issue immediate by sending the vehicle to the work shop it is your negligence and therefore you cannot withhold the deposit that needs to be paid back as well as 2 days rental which he did not have a rental vehicle because you could not supply one. The 370 kilometers of the 450 kilometers which he had FREE but could not use, you can keep. You do have my work telephone number should you have the decency to phone me for the bank details. And "Head Office" please take note that this is a formal complaint against your branch in Kuils River.
They are the worst rental company ever experienced. They are serious fraudsters neva return people deposit.
To make use of this platform to inform other Car Rentals around Cape town.Please read my statement. It is a pity that a customer will always find fault or complain about a companies services.Usally they are the one`s that either owe your company a lot of money or leave them dirty or broken,they don`t even pay their fines.For excample Mr Henry Braaf,he has been a client to our company from 2007.In this period at time he has accumelated something close to R60000 in debt.His last deposit of R300 went towards the fuel,of the car which he never full-up as promised.He also has an outstanding speed fine of R200,that he knows he has to pay it to the company.To top it all off,he left the car he rented so dirty a pig would`t want to live in it.So please if you have any complaints,please come and speak to me in person,you had no problem doing it when no one else wanted to help you. Thank you.
This is the worst, worst, worst business to rent a vehicle from.I urge people to STAY AWAY from this business. Very bad condition of vehicles and being owned by crooks.You will not get your deposit back
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