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"Germiston Veterinary Hospital was started in 1949 by Basil Henry Pappin.The mission of our hospital is to fulfil the needs of our clients by providing quality pet health care services through responsive, professional staff with the emphasis on individual attention and commitment to our clients, their pets and our community.Our Goal is to provide your pet with the highest quality medical and surgical services."
Address: 66 Black Reef Road Dinwiddie, 1401 Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: 011 902 2506
Email: az.oc.bewm@tevmeg
City: Germiston
Street Number: 66 Black Reef Road Dinwiddie
Zip Code: 1401
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Honestly, The Vet really helped me and my pup during New Year’s Day after an incident occurred out of my regular home town, And for that I am grateful…. Service wise I have no complaints . But the pricing is quite steep here. My regular vet in the Northern Jhb Suburbs was quite shocked.. but overall happy with services rendered.
Closest after hours vet available on New Year's Eve. We returned from Cape Town to find our retriever very unhappy - Dr. Bob checked him out, and kept him in hospital for two nights. Well cared for, and came home happy chappy.
We took our African Grey Sammie here only to be told that they don't see to birds. Oh my goodness you would think that if you trained to be a vet you would be able to see to any animal. Clearly these vets don't know their jobs. However the receptionist was happy to give us a vet that does so she sent us to Park Vet in Sunward Park were they took our Sammie in straight away even thought the place was full and this place did not even have one customer.
Excellent staff they were so helpful when taking my dog in on Sunday and she was diagnosed with parvo the Vet was so friendly gave us the home treatment option because we caught it so early. When i phoned on Wednesday because my dog got worse i then got through the receptionist a very very rude lady where is i just asked if i should bring her in to be admitted where she rudely replied whell if you got the money . I mean i spent alot there already why wouldn't i now and then she went of why the dog was not admitted Sunday. After the Vet gave us this option. She completely put me off and i decided to rather take my dog to another vet where they were so helpful and understanding. As i said the vet is excellent but the receptionist is very rude.
My baby didn't make it in the end but to no fault of the vets . Although I am devastated I know they tried everything expecially Dr Wata who was very sympathetic towards me and very understanding of my pain .
Friendly staff. Just ONE small problem. If you go to them over a weekend to trim nails it will cost you R450 instead of R150. The Vet did not tell us that you pay for consultation over weekend. I am realy upset. I will not go there again. Never. Will rather to Lambton vet next time. Nowere on the gate or office they inform you about this extra cost. This is unacceptable. Educate your Vets to inform the clients about this BEFORE they see you. I rather would have gone in the week for nail trimming.
Very rude lady over the phone. Was thinking of heading there but no longer will be doing so.
DO NOT GO TO THIS VET. If you love your animals, avoid this place!!! There was a time when they were excellent, but the good vets have all left. My cat had a degloved tail, which is gravely dangerous and an emergency condition, but this vet refused to treat his tail, did unnecessary blood tests and sent my cat home with an exposed tail bone and a course of antibiotics. Luckily we went to get a second opinion. This vet did not care that there was a 1 and a half centimeter section of exposed bone on my cat.
Great customer service and excellent with you little buddy
We had a sick dog and been to other Vets . And found Germiston Vet to have every thing needed to work on my dog. I will definitely be bringing my animals back.
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