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Hollard Commercial & General
"Hollard Commercial Insurance HCi is Hollard's wholly owned commercial insurance business. We specialise in business insurance products designed to protect everyday risks for Small to Medium Australian businesses via insurance intermediaries."
Address: 1 Fedlife House, 251 Church St, Pietermaritzburg
Phone: +27 33 342 6603
City: Pietermaritzburg
Street Number: 1 Fedlife House, 251 Church St
categories: insurance company

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I have never come across an insurance company as bad as Hollard Insurance. I submitted a simple home and contents claim in early July this year for a concealed water leak at mu home, and here we are near the end October and still no progress. They do not communicate with me as the client and so I am just as in the dark today as I was at the start of this ordeal 3 months ago. They treat their customers with contempt. Avoid having anything to do with them. Their lack of service and communication is beyond anything I have ever experienced.
We had a wall fall over due to strong winds and a car driving into it, this happened a few months ago and still we have received nothing from this company. It was storm damage which we are covered for, and they will not payout.
Absolute Disgrace !!! I disclosed all my information as requested payed my premium everything was ok until I made a claim for hail damage from last storm over $5500 worth of damage My claim was declined due to a glitch in there system online not lodging my claim history which I disclosed when I applied for the insurance and had proof I disclosed my history . The claims officer was no help and basically said bad luck you insurance has been cancelled and claim declined My advice Do not insure with this company or any company connected to Hollard Insurance who are the underwriters
Look at my review history, I never do bad reviews but I can't help it with Hollard/Woolworths insurance I was insured by Woolworths/Hollard for over a year full comprehensive car insurance, always paid on time always told them everything. On the initial call they had asked if I had lost my licence I said yes, they asked if I had any fines in 2 years - I said no as I was told parking fines don't matter - when I goto claim after an accident that WAS NOT MY FAULT they stated if they had known about a parking fines they would not have insured me and there fore wouldn't pay out. I open a case with them and they send through audio files 12 times no joke and each time the audio is distorted so the spoken words cannot be understood They ended up sending me a cd with the audio files after 8 weeks. I then take it on the chin and say fine, cancel my policy and stop charging me as you were never going to pay me out or ever insure me. They do this. 2 WEEKS LATER THE RE INSURE MY TOTALLED CAR AT A LESSER VALUE DUE TO MY DRIVING HISTORY - WHAT A F*ING JOKE. THEY SAY THEY WONT INSURE ME ON MY CAR SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO PAY ME OUT AND THEN CHARGE ME PREMIUMS ON NEW COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE ON A TOTALLED WRITTEN OF VEHICLE. WHAT A JOKE DO NOT EVEN TEMPT YOURSELF WITH THE IDEA OF TOUCHING THESE PEOPLE.
Cheap yes but don't explain a smooth process when it comes to claiming and you will habe tonight all the way to ombudsmen Woolworths holland insurqnce is not a good company to Deal woth
Disgusting unethical company. Applied for a job here. Went through 3 job interviews. They stringed me along saying "yes we want you... just wait a bit while we confirm documents". Then after months of stringing me along the lady hiring laughed at me when I called them to see what was going on and said "yeah... we'll let you know buddy...". I seriously hope all of you lose your jobs.
This one of my worse companies I have had the misfortune to deal with. IF I could give a ZERO I would. Customer service is woeful. Wait times for enquirers can last up to 1 hour on hold. Emails are not responded to. Anyone dealing with this company should take deep breaths. Not sure how they stay in business and why would anyone either deal with. Hollard/Woolworths should go back to customer service school to learn the basics.
Extremely unhappy with the car insurance claim process. Had an extensive damage to the car - I would not be feeling safe at all even if their repairer claimed they could fix it safely costing about half the insured value. Asked Hollard / Woolworths insurance to pay me the cash instead about half the insured value - same as the repairs cost, instead of paying their preferred repairer..., but they refused. Raised a complaint which they say in their PDS they would resolve within 15 days. Also asked them not proceed with the repair which they agreed until the issue is resolved. In a matter of few working hours, they called back saying repairs had "almost finished" and too expensive for them to undo the repairs!!! Even after a month, they would not confirm if the car repair was "finished" since it was "almost finished" in a few hours from when I asked them to hold off. Their 15 days period per PDS, passed by without any response on the complaint - their update in effect was that although they say 15 days, legally they can get away for 45 days - so they were in fact happy to issue misleading PDS evidently with no intention to deliver on their promise!!! Still waiting to hear back from the staff in the complaints department who spoke to me in the morning of 18th April and promised to provide update / resolution by end of the day. Such a lack of empathy and don't care attitude to customer service... #Hollard #Hollardinsurance #Woolworths #woolworthsinsurance #carinsurance #AFCA #ASIC #bradbanducci
I do not recommend woolworths insurance, it has taken 6 weeks so far after putting in a claim, and waiting for our total loss payout. Constant phone calls and getting the run around and a different story every time we call up. Then to be told off one of the claims managers they have paid the total loss payout to someone completely different that is not the policy holder. Now telling us it is our job to recoop the money off the person who they have paid it to.
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