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Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital visiting hours:

10:00 – 11:00 Medical and surgical wards
11:00 – 12:00 High care and ICU
15:00 – 16:00
19:00 – 20:00

"The 285-bed Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital has been serving the West Rand community for over 60 years. The hospital offers a comprehensive range of quality private healthcare services and is conveniently located in Krugersdorp’s city centre CBD, with easy access from all main roads serving the West Rand.Services include an accredited trauma unit, operated by a team of trauma consultants who are on 24-hour standby. Emergency medical services' provider, Netcare 911, has a base on the premises and the hospital is in direct electronic contact with the local emergency services call centre.As an accredited training facility, Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital offers comprehensive internship and continued professional development support to both nur"
Address: 9 Burger Street Krugersdorp, 1740 Krugersdorp
Phone: +27 (0) 11 951 0200
Email: az.oc.eracten@prodsregurkeracremotsuc
City: Krugersdorp
Street Number: 9 Burger Street Krugersdorp
Zip Code: 1740
categories: medical service

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My son was brought a with a sky high fever. We were helped by a lady who was extremely impatient and rude. She told my 4 year old son to get on the scale to weigh him then proceeded to kick the scale back in place once she was done. Then while giving my medical aid information and double checking that the receptionist has all the information correct our file came back with completely incorrect information. We asked her twice to change it and everytime we were met with an attitude. Still she did not get the information right. All staff are extremely rude and impatient. My son also had to have blood taken. He was treated harshly, nurses didnt explain to him what needed to be done. He was simply held down. I ended up in tears with him screaming in pain.Took them three tries to take blood. My sons arm turned blue. Terribly trained staff. Hope this hospital closes soon as its turning into a government hospital if not worse!!!
I really hope this is the worst private hospital in the country, because if this is one of the average hospitals, the private health care sectore is doomed. The level of care by the nurses is shocking. They care more about their score on solitaire than the comfort or health of the patients.
It was my first time at this hospital and had the worst experience EVER. Booked an appointment during the week with Dr NS Mankupane for today Saturday 17-09-2022 @ 11AM. Firstly the appointment said to go to Netcare Pinehaven Hospital and we get there and he's not there, they call him amd he tells us to come to Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital he is on his way there. We get there and he isn't there,and his PA says he will arrive at 12PM. At around 13:30PM my Fiance calls him and he says that he is from a funeral in the East Rand and will be there in 45 minutes. An hour passes and patients are waiting for him but he isn't there, doesn't even call to apologize or explain. At 15:00PM another patient calls him and he doesn't answer his phone this time, PA has no idea where he is as well. It would have been nice for him to call and apologize if he knew he wasn't going to make it. It was my first here and DEFINITELY my last. Disgusting service and Doctor!!!!
Nurses at Rand en Dal ward, were excellent in caring for me and my baby after my C-Section. The nurses in the NICU showed me compassion after I could not hold my baby due to medical issues. From 15-06-20 22, Wednesday afternoon until 18-06-2022, Saturday afternoon, the staff has been amazing in treating me and my baby.
Casualty ward was very busy ,there was only 1 Dr,staff was very loud and talking badly about other patients. Some nurses had attitude towards patients. Worse night ever.The nurse messed up my arm by not knowing how to insert a needle for a drip....The Dr didn't even listen to what I was telling him what's wrong with me,he just said it looks like it's flu.The service level sucks,you wait forever for everything. I wish there was 1 positive thing I can say about my experience there...,but unfortunately there's non.
On 5th September I had to undergo a neck operation. After Dr AH Louw explained to me all the things that "MIGHT" go wrong I really started to freak out. So the morning of the 5th I had very bad stomach aces from stress as I were busy trying to pre submit myself on the online site. I was not sure how to do everything so I asked for help. And there it was..... God send me a person who under went the exact same procedure as I was about to get. She was so helpful and supportive. She really made me relaxed and made me feel better about the operation. Driekie van der Walt from online pre submission you are a true angel and definitely a big gift to this hospital.
I would like to thank each and every Nurse, Gynaecologist, paediatrician everyone involved with delivery of my health baby too mom too the lady who gave us the socks thank you all it was pleasant friendly and warm Aston
My son had a bad experience at this hospital. I’m even exhausted to even type the reasons why. I highly don’t recommend this hospital. Avoid it if possible.
Staff at reception very unpolite and rude. Date 29 October time 15h10. Ward staff also not proffesional.
I tested positive for Covid 19 in July on the 23rd I was admitted to Krugersdorp hospital for 9 days. My stay there were not pleasant at all for the money that I paid the hospital the service were extremely poor. First of all the nurses has been working in covid wards for more than a year now yet they don't have any patience with the patients they shout us for no reason. Testing positive and being that I'll you feel so scared and emotional yet they don't even care. No one assisted us to bath even when they saw you depend so much on the oxygen and chough so much just getting off the bed will leave to look for oxygen never mind bathing yourself. When you have a urge for the toilet you have to wait for ever for a nurse to help you with oxygen in order to go to the toilet. I even received the person next to me pills to drink and only saw after I drank the pills luckily for me it was only vitamins. The food was also so little and you can't even ask for extra food when you still hungry as you are being told that the food is finish the kitchen staff should make the portion bigger as we pay for that food and not everyone is use to that small portions they give us or atleast ask us how we prefer our portions. I felt like I was in a government hospital and that was after I almost paid over R80 000 for my 9 days stay there. Very disappointed In the service I received
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Reviews, get directions and information Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital.

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