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AAA Travel Agency
"We are an iconic American organization that’s been around since before you can remember. Always here, always available, always serving our members’ needs. And doing so with a confident, friendly helpfulness that’s become as trusted as our services themselves.Whether you’re insuring your family, on a trip to work or across the country, planning the vacation of a lifetime, or even taking a driver safety class, we’re right by your side, 24/7, with expert advice for what you’re planning for – and even situations you’re not.We’re here to provide peace of mind, make lives easier, and keep our communities safe. We are AAA Western and Central New York. Anytime. Anywhere. Always."
Address: 300 Adams St, Rochester (Pennsylvanie) 15074
Phone: (724) 775-8000
State: PA
City: Rochester
Street Number: 300 Adams St
Zip Code: 15074
categories: travel & transportation, insurance broker

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I locked my keys in my car. Thankfully I have AAA. The AAA person arrived within 30 minutes from my phone call and unlocked my vehicle quickly. So glad I have AAA!
You should change the staff to speak more nicely than this or a training course for the staff is the worst place But I am forced to visit for insurance. I will change the insurance to change this bad place
Had a car accident and needed a rental car. Stopped into AAA and asked if they could please help me find a rental car. As a 51 year member, I just wanted to locate a rental with the best possible rate. A staff member took my membership card and came back and stated sorry you have to call the main AAA number." Maybe they can help. Not exactly what I would call service by any means. And not like they were very busy at the time. Pretty sad service.
I had to cancel last minute which i know was annoying. But i spoke to the person i was supposed to meet with and she took down some info about what im looking for and was supposed to call me back with some options but never did.
FYI, Currently neither location in Rochester Penfield nor Greece can print passport photos. I needed an IDP -- which requires passport photos, and AAA is the only location capable of doing IDPs so made the most sense to have everything done at an AAA location. After visiting the Penfield location and being told they couldnt print passport photos, I called to confirm the Greece location could print them and was told to come in -- they can do it. Upon arrival just a few hours later, the werent able to do it. The entire office appeared to know "its finicky" and they all seemed to think it was some kind of joke that is just regularly doesn't work. They claimed it worked earlier in the day ... yeah, okay. They were blaming Spectrum. They were blaming the printer. They were blaming the wifi. I'm just saying, in 2023 it should be dead simple to print a couple pictures. If its really that difficult to have a set procedure to make it work, and/or reliable equipment, then maybe AAA corporate needs to re-design the passport photo process or stop offering the passport photo service. The worst part is that everyone seems to know its a problem, but no one is doing anything about it. Yay corporate America! Getting my pictures elsewhere cost more than double the AAA member price for passport photos ... good thing I have that membership tho [eye roll].
AAA has been around for years. The customer service is amazing. Also they ask are u safe, is your family ok. That question alone is why I love them. That question saved my life. I'm a domestic violence survivor. The lady that helped me so long ago I wish I could find her and give her a big mom hug. This company saved my life
Caused more issues than help. Called for roadside tow Friday during snowstorm with girlfriend and child. Towtruck couldn't come for an hour. Was told to leave car there and they would get it, because of conditions and that their tow couldn't meet expectations. They never did for 5 hours, causing police to look for me and for the car to be impounded 6 hours after my call. This includes receiving false texts that they did indeed pick it up. Fast forward to today, I spent 5 hours and a missing vehicle report trying to find my car, only to find out they lied to me and now I am on the hook for the impound fees they refuse to pay, even though they admit they sent those false texts, and admit they didn't do their duties on time that we pay a subscription for. I am now on the hook for $100s of dollars in fees just to get my car back, because this company will take your money and lie to you, and tell you that even though they told you to leave the car, that we 'ambandoned' it. Their solution to the problem was for me to go back to the past and, as a disabled person and my 7 year old to stay in a disabled car facing oncoming traffic for 5 or 6 hours and wait for a 2nd tow truck that never ended up coming. Want to die in a snowstorm or lose your car because of a major corporations fraud and inability to take accountability? Sign up for this service and they can definitely do that for you. Otherwise, stay far away. They can't deliver their promises. Even the shops that support them said they suck hard. Edit: they now tried to send me a reply to get the matter fixed after the fact of me paying everything and they deny it and lied about the pick up, then deleted it. I even gave them a chance to tow it from the impound to the shop it was supposed to go to and they said no. So the local businesses went above and beyond to help, while AAA flounders and makes excuses. Not only will they leave you out in the cold to suffer, they will lie to you about it too!
I registered for driving lessons and am super happy student, many thanks to my instructor, coach Moody who made it so easy for me to learn and understand how to drive. Amazing instructor and always on time.His patience and skills tells it all, he really do care for his students! I did my road test and passed. Thank you for your great help toward my achievement! Thank you AAA
Not pleased with the service I received. The agent talked a good game to get me to give her My CC info, made all kinds of promises. Now that money is due back to me she has a different tune. I have questions and as a AAA member I deserve answers
I called about 3 weeks ago to schedule an appointment at the Greece, NY location to make travel arrangements. Don't know who I talked to, but they were obviously put out and said she would have someone contact me. No one ever did. I had used the Pittsford location previously and they were always helpful. Unfortunately, they closed. Going to try another location.
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