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College 9
Address: 3031 Carnegie Dr, State College 16803
Phone: (814) 272-3051
State: PA
City: State College
Street Number: 3031 Carnegie Dr
Zip Code: 16803
categories: movie theater

Opening Hours

Monday: 16:00 - 22:00
Tuesday: 16:00 - 22:00
Wednesday: 16:00 - 22:00
Thursday: 16:00 - 22:00
Friday: 11:45 - 22:00
Saturday: 11:45 - 22:00
Sunday: 11:45 - 22:00

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Outdated for sure. Out of the way for a good reason. Went to watch the Meg 2 and right off the bat, I realized we made a mistake. Bought our tickets and a medium popcorn, While putting the butter flavor on the popcorn, my wife realized there was a hole in the bottom of the bag. Normally, this isn't a big issue as all the staff would have to do is give us a replacement bag, and we would be on our way. The staff informed us that we would have to be charged for an additional bag to replace the faulty one we were given, as it is company policy. It seems a bit ridiculous to charge us for the faulty bag. Our seats were missing the pad off the armrest also. ‍ Long story short... not going back here ever again.
Just saw Oppenheimer. HOT in the theatre. I got outside and my truck said it was 76 degrees out and that felt COOL compared to inside the theatre. .... They seem to be very proud of their loud surround system. I could barely hear what was being said because of the background sounds. The chairs are nice though
The facilities and layout is great. The seats that recline are immaculate. My only gripe is that I felt like I was in the Sahara Desert for three hours while watching the movie. I was looking for cactuses to harvest for a drop of water. No reason to be that hot. But the movie was good.
The theater is quite old and definitely needs a renovation. The sound system is outdated and they only have standard auditoriums. RPX and IMAX are a must in 2023.
Watched the new Evil Dead movie with my fiance midday and we were completely alone. Sad for the theater but, cool for us. Definitely a unique experience. Popcorn was really old though and the cup hold/arm rest I was using was loose. But over all enjoyable.
Went to Theater 9. The only complaint was the screen had a 3 minute delay. Other than that, no issues.
I would rather have my eyelids stapled to my forehead and be forced to watch schindlers list on repeat, until death, than visit this theatre again. The first time I went, the roof started leaking during Avatar 2. It was very immersive. That’s where the two stars came from. The second time I was there, we went to see elemental. The staff somehow managed to scrape together their brain cells to figure out a way to be even less helpful than normal movie theatre staff. Minus two stars. The third, and final time we saw Oppenheimer. It was so ungodly hot during the movie you would think we were at trinity. Not watching, but truly in the center of a fireball in the middle of a desert. It was, like avatar, immersive. On a significantly more serious note, the emergency exit door was propped open on my last visit there, which is a large red flag to anyone that remembers when the dark knight rises premiered. The door was jammed in some way and the staff had a hard time closing the door, so there was a little sliver of light leaking in the whole time, aside from that also being a massive red flag. All in all I think the facilities need an update, the 80s aren’t working anymore.
Aside from the nice seating and amazing big screen. I had left my wallet at this theatre by accident and most of the time some of my money gets stolen. The workers are young and they always find the lost items. I have no evidence but I have my suspicions
Film starts about fifteen minutes after advertised showtime fine but in the middle there's this awful, awful, awful PowerPoint/flash animation thing by UEC with horrible, booming music. Wait about 7 minutes to avoid this; you'll hear the "epic" music from outside the theater, and probably some sighs of relief when it's finally over. That's when it's safe to enter. 0:00:00 - showtime ads continue, which is fine 0:04:20 - start of extremely unpleasant flash-esque animation with horrible scoring 0:06:30 - end of extremely unpleasant flash animation with horrible scoring, start of trailers 0:14:30 - opening titles
Best quality of the luxury recliner in the state college! My friend and I goes there twice a month for movies. Last time we went there for Shang chi marvel and the experience is wonderful! I would recommend having a loyal customer card so that each Tuesday will have the discount for the ticket.half price
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