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Dollar-Los Angeles Int'l
Address: 5630 Arbor Vitae St, Marina Del Rey 90045
Phone: +18664342226
State: CA
City: Marina del Rey
Street Number: 5630 Arbor Vitae St
Zip Code: 90045
categories: car rental

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Spent 3 hours in the line yesterday, and eventually, they sent us away because they didn't have a car. We made reservations 10 days in advance! Then I went there today another 2.5 hours in the line, and the guy used scare tactics to rent us a car for over $1200 for 5 days!! You're better off renting a car outside the airport and Uber there to get it. The price will be much cheaper and the line shorter and staff friendlier! It was such a bad experience
Friday afternoon at beginning of July 4th weekend holiday. Traffic was a madhouse at LAX so it took 35 minutes to get to the off site location. When I entered the building to complete the rental process I discovered two things: first there were easily two to three hundred people waiting to rent cars from Dollar, Hertz and Thrifty; second, the decision to join the Dollar Express program several years ago was a fantastic decision. I walked over to the Express counter and in five minutes I was in the lot choosing which car to put the luggage in. I noticed a lot of poor reviews but I’ve been renting cars from Dollar at LAX once or twice a year and at Panama City Beach, FL several times over the last 11-12 years. Overall the vehicles have been good and the service excellent.
We've been queuing for two hours, at least that's how long it will realistically be, total chaos, the worst car rental experience of my life. I think it would be better to close the place down, rub salt in the wound and start some other business.
First you can't bring in the car you drove. You have to park it outside which is ridiculous if you packed your car up, then there is an hour minimum line even if you have a reservation, my credit card "didn't work" so I had to use my debit card, they apparently selected an electric car by default so you have to pay to get a gas car they knew I was driving 8 hours. The rental they had me sign was in spanish?? Then there's a line to GET OUT OF THE LOT. seriously the only solace was how nice Sidney my agent was.
DO NOT USE DOLLAR. We arrived the car pick up point. There was a huge waiting queue. Staff was rude and were treating us badly. Took us 1.5 hr to “register” for our car and another 2.5 hrs until they gave us the car. Total 4 hrs whenever we asked questions they were using the “take it or leave it approach” although they knew that cancellation was not free. However at the end of the day you get what you pay for. Its much cheaper than other car rental companies. The car was in a good state. So if you are willing to stay for 4-5 hrs to save $200 or so, go ahead.
what everyone else has said, this is thee ABSOLUTE WORST car rental location and service. i was in line for FOUR HOURS. i paid for a midsize suv ahead of time, HUGE MISTAKE!! they gave me a compact car and didn’t give a refund or reimbursement. i will NEVER rent from here again!!! AVOID AT ALL COST!!!
I've been not just a customer but a member of dollar express for almost 20 years, and in the past decade I barely rent from them anymore because of the worst customer service ever. The worst experience at LAX where the manager who clearly shouldn't be running this big location not only was not helpful at all, but he told me I had to be in the regular longest line instead of my preferred membership line, because they failed to properly register my reservation under my account.
This place is ridiculously understaffed. I’ve been in line for 1 hour and ten minutes and I probably have another 20 minutes to a half an hour before I will get help. That is with a prepaid booking. Including a photo just to give you a hint of how bad it is. The staff is all very nice. But your likely better off renting for a little more money from some company other then Hertz, Dollar or Thrift who all are in one ridiculous line here at the LAX location.
The shuttle bus from the airport was hard to access with many buses refusing to stop as they were fully occupied. When we eventually got on one it was packed!. We arrived at the depot and were met with a line that resembled a ride at Disneyland. We managed to collect our car after a 2 hour wait!! Won’t be using Dollar again
I bumped my review up a couple of stars because the customer service is great at Dollar. The people who work there are so nice. I didn’t have an issue getting the car or returning the car. DO NOT let them talk you into an electric car. Only get a gas car. I was told it was more expensive to rent a gas car and that gas was $5 a gallon so it’s better to rent the electric. Where I was staying there was only 2 places to charge the car. Half of the time they were taken. When I finally did get to charge it it took 4 hours for 30%. I spent over $300 for a car I couldn’t use because half of the time it was charging. Some of the chargers would deny my payment over and over again until finally it would accept it. What a waste of money and time. Never again. Electric cars are stupid.
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