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RideShare Rental specializes in renting cars to drivers in the RideShare industry, like Uber and Lyft.

We are a division of YayYo, Inc


RideShare Rental specializes in renting cars to drivers in the RideShare industry, like Uber and Lyft.

We are a division of YayYo, Inc

"RideShare Rental bridges the gap between rideshare drivers in need of suitable vehicles and the rideshare companies whose brands depend on attracting—and keeping—drivers with high-quality vehicles.We rent cars to rideshare drivers, provide those drivers with insurance, and give fleet operators a platform on which to rent their vehicles to the rideshare market. Our daily, weekly, and long-term rentals can be found in major cities like Los Angeles, Oakland, Las Vegas, Chicago Baltimore, and Cranford NJ—and new locations are opening each month across the United States."
Address: 6600 Sunset Blvd 2nd Floor, Los Angeles 90028
Phone: (310) 651-4203
Email: moc.latnererahsedir@ofni
State: CA
City: Los Angeles
Street Number: 6600 Sunset Blvd 2nd Floor
Zip Code: 90028
categories: car rental

Opening Hours

Monday: 09:00 - 18:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 18:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 18:00
Friday: 09:00 - 18:00

STAY AWAY! Their customer service is egregious and will leave you with the biggest headache of your life. The cars that they rent are on loan and have not been paid off. As a full story, they defaulted on their loan and could not pay for their cars and the loan servicer requested all cars back. They then sent a mass communication to all renters that the cars MUST be returned back immediately leaving drivers in a disarray to return the car. You cannot get through to customer service even after multiple attempts via email, phone, and sms. Despite multiple reach out efforts, almost two months after they send an email informing you the car will be reported stolen with you as a prime suspect. Please stay away and rent else where. If zero stars was an option… I would have elected such.
Stay TF away from this place! Great 3 years ago but now it's obvious their business model has failed and they care more about their own bottom line than the customer. Hence the few positive reviews they may have. I used them for over 2 years. Tens of thousands of dollars in satisfied rental extensions. Months and months of seamless maintenance. A few increases in rental charge but also a decrease one time when the car became two years old. Maybe one year I don't remember. All of a sudden a few months back the maintance contractor pep boys who I had a great, quick, friendly relationship with informed me they no longer honored their customers. RR told me I needed to pay for it myself or take it to their shop 45 miles away from my home. 46 miles from the pep boys location I had been using for 2 years. I have my kids during the day. I work nights while my wife is at home with the kids. My oldest 6 had just started Summer break. No way was I going to fight L.A. traffic. Kids in tow, to compensate for their inability to uphold their contractual obligation. I paid for the service myself and only got reimbursed for one days rental instead of cash back. $55 worth of rental time for a $79 oil change. Unacceptable. 2 months later I got notification that all cars needed to be returned. As per the initial rental agreement I left the car at address I rented it from. The location was closed. I tried in vain to contact the company. No responce what so ever. Over a month later I see on the app that my days keep accruing. I got a call from a Kyle some 40 days after I dropped it off asking for a location of the car. I had a friend. Who I recommended thick company to, drop off their car after hours and RR pulled the same thing. Also there are many mentions of the same potential scam mentioned in their reviews. Knowing this, and knowing RR has location devices in their cars. I too placed one in the car. One guess whos possession that car has been in for over 40 days. CYA! Better yet stay away from Rideshare Rental and or what ever DBA they are going by nowadays.
Is there was a no stars I would have choose that. The worst communication ever. They had me waiting 2-3 days without updated insurance papers.. lastly they kept my deposit and I talked to them 4 times and said they will pay it back and never did it’s been 4 months since never rent from here !! I’m definitely getting a lawyer for them
This people are scammers!!!! . I rented A car on Friday. On that Friday that placed went out business. I have returned the car to their lot but they keep charging me until now. Kyle and everyone are a scam! They never answer their phones or e-mails.
They don't asnwer the phone so you're not able to make your payments. They do it on purpose and they don't return calls even if you leave a voicemail. Automated system is set to say you're callee number 2 on the waiting list then they never respond. They turn off the vehicle after being one day late woth payment and have horrible customer service. They are scammers
I rented a car for two months to do Uber. Before returning it, I made sure to head to the car wash to clean it!! Upon inspection, which I was NOT present, and then upon checking me out, they told me that they have to add a $30 cleaning fee because the car was NOT clean. They didn’t even bother to show me why they felt it wasn’t cleaned!!! The car was returned unscratched and CLEAN!!! Customer service sucks too!!! The only way you get to talk to someone is when you choose the SALES option. And if you leave a message, you won’t get a returned response. EDIT: The car was brought to the carwash prior to me returning it Take photos of the rental before you return it!!! It was washed on the outside, and the inside was clean and vaccumed. I didn’t expect this kind of service from them
Well now I know why I never got a call back. They out of business for non payments. Crazy how no communication.
Basically, rent at your own risk. I usually don’t even bother reviewing my bad experiences but I’d really hate for someone else to deal with the same inconveniences I have. My first rental had such bad brakes then engine issues to where the car was literally shaking after 2 days. After that I paid to upgrade to a better car, only for that car’s push to start to not work.. like AT ALL after about a week of using it.. so now I’m not even 2 weeks into my rental & I’ve had 2 major issues that are causing me to not be able to work. It took FIVE DAYS for them to respond to me………. After me calling everyday, leaving voicemails & submitting emails I finally receive a call to pay my late fees, they were oblivious to my car issues & had clearly not checked any of the voicemails I left. I told them to pick the car up immediately. My lessons have been learned, I’ll never be using a raggedy car company again.
Rented from these people for a year one day my car's engine blew come to find out that model that they gave me there's a recall on it for a defect. They gave me a replacement car under protest and even kept charging me even though the first car wasn't even working. Paid for a full two days for the replacement car and then the car quit on me. Instead of having the car towed to a local pep boys they told the car all the way back to Manhattan from where my job site was in panorama City. They took my money and tricked me into having the car taken back to rideshare rentals location only for me to rent a hotel in the area go to their location the next day to pick up the car, drop my bag near my seat walking go get coffee come back take a seat, and have the guy condescendingly come to me and tell me they were ending my rental due to being late. Mind you I had just paid two whole days ahead and had called them originally to let them know I was on my way to the bank to pay for the last day. The sad part was that I'm not even from California and they left me stranded on the side of the road LAUGHING as I walked out. NEVER RENT FROM HERE. DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE RUN FAR FAR AWAY!! P.S any positive reviews that you see are their own employees leaving fake reviews because this company is that bad!
I rented with them for about 3 months I did not have problems with my car but I did have a newer car so they say , I was actually satisfied with my experience except the time I was late one day and didn’t even know I was late and they hit the kill switch on my car , had to call AAA and the man couldn’t figure it out when I called the company and told them the issues I was having they told me they deactivated my car , I was in the middle of Uber when they did that had to cancel my ride and everything .. it really upset me
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