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Kimberley - Diamond Mine
Address: Kimberley (Afrique du Sud)
City: Kimberley
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It's a must-see place! Definitely pretty to look at and the museum is very interesting. The old city shows the historic places greatly. The staff overall was friendly and helpful. Nice opportunities to do some souvenir shopping there aswell.
Worth while doing the tour and experiencing being down a mine. Enjoyed the history of The Big Hole. Well done. Do treat yourself there!Visited onWeekend
What an informative and rich experience , we attended the last tour which was at 3pm , the tour included a 20 min video of the history of Kimberly and Diamonds, thereafter a informative guided tour to the big hole and the under ground mines , and finally the volt. The tour guide David was amazing... Unfortunately the tram was not working however we did enjoy a lovely stroll through the old town... You can indulge in a mini photo shoot at old prison cells, the photographer is the sweetest....
It was a great experience,the tour guide was nice,my only problem is the food,there were no places to buy food except this one small stall that was expensive for no reasonVisited onWeekdayWait timeNo waitReservation recommendedYes
The BIG HOLE is truly just a huge hole filled with water. But the VERY interesting history behind this place. Mining brought Kimberly and the DE BEERS MINING group lots of money from diamonds. Many people came from all parts of the world to mine for gold. Cecil John Rhodes had his share in many claims of sites where he sold and became a very rich man.
Great place for a history lesson and awesome experience for the kids. Amazing that the big hole is the first place with the world's 1st three street lights in the whole of the world.... wow
What rich and sad history our country enjoys. Experience was one for the family books, thanks, Diamante City.Visited onWeekendWait time1 hr+Reservation recommendedNo
It was so interesting! We did the tour. The tour was insightful as the history of the big hole is given. We enjoyed it and would recommend anyone to make a visit there.
My kids loved the guided tour through the simulated mine shaft! The big hole will always be impressive. I am a bit disappointed that the historical town now houses modern businesses.Visited onWeekdayWait timeNo waitReservation recommendedNo
Attended the flea market. Sold homemade products, chili sauce, rusks, muffins, peg/socks bags, baby combo for nappies and socks.Visited onPublic holidayWait timeNo wait
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Reviews, get directions and information Kimberley - Diamond Mine.


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