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Netcare Clinton Hospital in central Alberton, south east of Johannesburg, is part of the Netcare Group and offers a comprehensive range of quality healthca


Netcare Clinton Hospital is part of the Netcare Group, a leading private healthcare provider in South Africa. The well-established private hospital is conveniently situated in the heart of Alberton, south east of Johannesburg.

The hospital offers a comprehensive range of services, and has a multi- disciplinary approach to medicine. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology which is complemented by highly skilled and experienced specialists who practise at the facility, other healthcare professionals, nursing and support staff and a dynamic management team who are all committed to providing exceptional care for patients and their families.

Netcare Clinton Hospital is proud to ascribe to the values of the Netcare Group, namely Care, Dignity, Participation, Truth and Passion.

Mission: Helping care for the health of humankind.

General facilities
• 170 beds
• 8-bed adult intensive care unit (ICU)
• 26-bed maternity unit
• Neonatal ICU
• Paediatric ward
• 5-bed paediatric ICU
Medical, surgical and day wards
• 5 operating theatres

Medical disciplines
• Anaesthesiology
• Dentistry
• Dermatology
• Ear, nose and throat (ENT) medicine and surgery
• General practitice
• General surgery
• Gynaecology
• Internal medicine (specialist physicians)
• Maxillo-facial and oral surgery
• Nephrology and renal medicine
• Obstetrics
• Oncology (radiation)
• Orthopaedic surgery
• Paediatrics
• Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Specialised units
• Maternity
• Oncology centre offering radiation and chemotherapy
• Paediatrics:
o Paediatric cardiologist, paediatric endocrinologist, paediatric surgeon, paediatric orthopaedic surgeon, paediatric intensivist, neonatologist, paediatric pulmonologist, paediatric allergy clinic (second of its kind in South Africa)

Ancillary healthcare facilities and services
• 24 hour emergency department with a level 3 trauma unit
• Radiology department
o Computer tomography (CT) scanner
o Ultrasound
• Netcare Stork’s Nest mother and baby wellness clinic
• Pathology laboratories
• Physiotherapy
• Retail pharmacy

Other facilities and services
• Netcafé coffee and gift shop
• Online pre-admission service (website facility)
• Pre-admission office

"Netcare Clinton Hospital is conveniently situated in the heart of Alberton, south east of Johannesburg. The hospital offers a comprehensive range of services and follows a multi- disciplinary approach to medicine.The hospital’s state-of-the-art equipment is complemented by skilled doctors, professional staff and a management team who are committed to providing exceptional care for patients and their families.Netcare Clinton Hospital is well-known for its range of specialised mother and child services, its advanced oncology treatments as well as for endoscopic and general surgery."
Address: 62 Clinton Road, 1449 Alberton (Gauteng)
Phone: 011 724 2300
Email: az.oc.eracten@notnilceracremotsuc
City: Alberton
Street Number: 62 Clinton Road
Zip Code: 1449
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Worst hospital in Alberton. Went to the emergency room last night. First had to check in outside the building. The nurse/worker's phone was on YouTube and so loud she couldn't hear the details I gave her. Didn't put off the phone. Waiting for a while with excruciating pain in my stomach till they called me to assess me. I've waited and waited a waited. I overheard them saying they are still waiting for the new doctor. There were people in pain and babies in pain. While I was there no one called in another patient to be seen by a doctor. I took my handbag and left, still in much pain. The staff ignore you like you are just a another syringe lying around. They have no compassion, no heart. They see your pain, but they just walk past you. I've never dealt with such a horrible hospital staff in my life. I refuse to be admitted there and I'll never recommend anyone to ever go to this hospital. It's now a state hospital. Please avoid!!!
I gave birth in February last year - The staff is not so polite but they perform their duties and provided me with help whenever I needed it. My midwives were extremely good unfortunately I didn't get their names and my gynae Dr Coleman the best. Will definitely go back with my second born as well.
Horrible experience ever in this hospital. I was admitted for 4 days, my linen was only changed on the 3rd day after i complained to the sister in charge. When u ring a bell to get help they will take approximately 10 minutes to attend to your needs and that time theu are sitting and talking . Even when they help they make it look like they are doing u a favor even though u are paying an arm and a leg. I had surgery and when i coudnt walk to the bathroom my situation annoyed them, some even laughed about it. I will never recommend anyone here. I was even served cold tea. My husband even told them to take my case seriously, i guess they used to seeing sick people all the time and its a norm to them no respect for patients
Family member recently had a baby and thee treatment of the staff for a new mother was absolutely abysmal and disgraceful and also disgusting. The hospital standards have dropped to abhorrent levels. Mom was only allowed to hold her baby for the first time when she was leaving after her c-section. Staff never gave baby the necessary vaccination after birth, birth certificate information was not provided by the hospital and staff never educated a new mom on all things that are normally shown and taught after birth. Absolutely pathetic service!
The nurses from section D ward were so amazing! I had lost my baby, was heartbroken and deeply saddened. The nurses showered me with love and empathy, reassured me that everything will be okay. It's as though they've had extra special training in dealing with such vulnerable and broken patients. The food is like hotel standard, made my stay there pleasant despite my difficult situation. I highly recommend the hospital, however cannot say the same about the gynae.
I gave birth on the 31 Aug 2020 at this hospital. I must say I dont think I will ever consider coming back to that hospital. The nurses in the maternity care less especially now with this covid they are just too relaxed and take it as an opportunity to rest than really do proper work. I had a csection and 1 day later started bleeding so bad at that time my newborn was crying for feed. One nurse walked in I think she is venda and found me with blood all over the floor, baby crying and guess what she walked out in fact ran away because she knew I would ask for assistance especially with baby feed since I had to clean and sort myself in the bathroom. Instead of her offering to assist with baby she walked out of the ward. I felt helpless especially since I'm a first time mom. The next morning the very same nurse was rushing to knock off in the morning and guess what she forgot BP temp on my arm all bcause she was rushing to go home. Almost all nurses at clinton do that when it's time to knock off they care less about patients. I really think public hospitals will do better than going to clinton hospital. The only nice and friendly employee there is the tea lady. As for the rest they need more training and how to treat patients professionally.
I thought I was the only one who had a horrifying experience in the maternity ward but after reading the reviews i see that there clearly is a serious problem with this hospital. The staff members behave as if though they are forced to work, they have no passion for what they are doing. They treat patients as if though they are doing us a favor by helping us. I had a wonderful gynae but my experience at this hospital was heartbreaking, i do not advise anyone to give birth at this hospital especially if you are a first time mother. I'm sure the service at a government hospital is even better compared to this dump.
Had my c/s here, the hospital is in good standards. The nurses are very friendly and welcoming, they made the whole journey easier. Great benefits when booking a bed with them
Maternity wardi get tears thinking about how they have treated me since i came, nurses alarm doesn’t work, the bed monitor machine doesn’t work, since they aware of all of this they need to constantly check on us if we need anything but no, me and the other mommy had to call reception and be put through to maternity for help, first day of csection pains very severe, when i told nurse that i need pain meds she said she will tell the other nurse to give me, waited for almost an hour with an excruciating pain and shortness of breath couldn’t even utter a word anymore only tears were coming out she still insisted that i need to carry the baby only when sister in-charge came in and saw how bad my state was then the nurse quickly jumped to take my baby, and that was the only time i got the meds, linen is not changed, it is like they doing us a favour, only the tea ladies are friendly, haven't even seen anyone to come clean our rooms. Been begging for pain meds since. I would not recommend this hospital for labour, I’ve never seen such horrible people, i missed Mulbarton Netcare.
For private hospital I was advised that they don't give the care as expected from other Netcare hospitals. I haven't been admitted here however from when I passed by it looked clean and easy to access.
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