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Netcare Union Hospital in central Alberton, south east of Johannesburg, is part of the Netcare Group and offers a comprehensive range of quality healthcare


Netcare Union Hospital is part of the Netcare Group, a leading private healthcare provider in South Africa. Conveniently located in central Alberton, south east of Johannesburg, the hospital offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services and has a multi-disciplinary approach to medicine.

The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology which is complemented by highly skilled and experienced specialists who practise at the facility, other healthcare professionals, nursing and support staff and a dynamic management team who are all committed to providing exceptional care for patients and their families.

Netcare Clinton Hospital is proud to ascribe to the values of the Netcare Group, namely Care, Dignity, Participation, Truth and Passion.


Helping care for the health of humankind.


General facilities
• 222 beds
• 30-bed adult intensive care unit (ICU)
• 7 operating theatres
• Hybrid vascular operating theatre (hybrid catheterisation laboratory)
• Cardio-thoracic unit
• 24-hour emergency department with an accredited level one trauma unit
• Orthopaedic unit
• Priority pain management unit (pain clinic)
• Renal dialysis unit
• Sleep laboratory
• Surgical and medical wards
• Wound management clinic

Medical disciplines
• Anaesthesiology
• Cardiology
• Cardio-thoracic surgery
• Ear, nose and throat (ENT) medicine and surgery
• Emergency medicine
• Gastroenterology
• General surgery
• Internal medicine (specialist physicians)
• Maxillo-facial and oral surgery
• Nephrology
• Neurology
• Neurosurgery
• Ophthalmology
• Orthopaedic surgery
• Plastic and reconstructive surgery
• Trauma surgery
• Urology
• Vascular surgery

Centres of excellence and specialised units
• 24-hour emergency department with an accredited level 1 trauma unit
The facility is one of only two trauma units in South Africa which are accredited by the Trauma Society of South Africa as level 1 trauma units. It is fully equipped and staffed by a specialised, multi-disciplinary trauma team who can manage the full spectrum of trauma incidents, accidents as well as general emergencies, and provide complete medical, coronary and surgical care for every eventuality.

The trauma unit provides the highest level of emergency, medical and surgical care to patients who are severely injured or has a life-threatening medical condition, facilitated by a:
o 24-hour trauma surgeon
o 24-hour specialist trauma team
o 24-hour anaesthetist on call
o 24-hour emergency operating room

In addition, the unit has a dedicated and registered helipad for emergency access and transfers, and is also supported by an on-site 24-hour Netcare 911 base, with advanced life support paramedics and ambulances.

Contact Netcare Union Hospital’s trauma unit on 011 724 2112
In case of medical emergencies, please contact Netcare 911 on 082 911

• Cardio-thoracic unit
The cardio-thoracic unit comprises a 15-bed dedicated cardiac intensive care unit, two catheterisation laboratories as well as a cardiac surgery department with a dedicated cardiac theatre, and a cardiac ward. The unit offers the full spectrum of interventional cardiology, performed under the guidance of a multi-disciplinary team of specialists. Procedures offered include:
o Coronary angioplasty
o Coronary stenting
o 3D echocardiography
o Rotational arthectomy
o Intra-vascular ultrasound
o Trans catheter aortic-valve implantation (TAVI)

• Hybrid vascular operating theatre (hybrid catheterisation laboratory)
The hybrid catheterisation laboratory/theatre at Netcare Union Hospital is fitted with cutting edge technology which enables our cardiac and vascular surgeons to perform a diverse range of procedures. The hybrid theatre combines the space, sterility, versatility and lighting of a conventional operating theatre with fixed, high resolution imaging equipment. It is designed to meet the challenges of complex endovascular procedures, allows for simultaneous surgical and radiological interventions and is better equipped than conventional facilities to meet the challenges posed by future developments in this field. Minimally invasive surgeries, coupled with the hybrid catheterisation laboratory, may reduce the recovery time of certain procedures to two days as opposed to one week.

• Neuro-interventional radiology

• Cochlear implants

• Priority pain management unit (pain clinic)
The pain management unit provides a multimodal, holistic approach to chronic pain conditions. Patients are offered a number of different therapeutic options including physical therapy, interventional pain management procedures and neuromodulation. Treatment approaches to long-term pain also include pharmacological measures such as primary analgesics, tricyclic antidepressants and anticonvulsants, interventional procedures, physical therapy, physical exercise as well as psychological measures such as biofeedback and cognitive behavioural therapy. The aim of the pain management unit is to alleviate the suffering of patients whose pain cannot be controlled by conventional measures, in order to return them to their maximum level of functioning and independence, and help restore their quality of life.

• Sleep laboratory
The state-of-the-art sleep laboratory assists patients in the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome and narcolepsy.

Ancillary healthcare facilities and services
• Audiology and speech therapy
• Neurophysiology
• Nuclear medicine
• Pathology laboratories
• Physiotherapy
o Radiology department
o Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
o Computer tomography (CT)
o Bone densitometry
o Mammography
o Ultrasound
• Retail pharmacy
• Counselling

Other facilities and services
• Netcafe coffee and gift shop
Online pre-admission (website facility)
• Pre-admission office

"Netcare Netcare Union Hospital is a multi-disciplinary hospital with state of the art facilities and technology, and has been serving the community for some 20 years.Our 24-hour emergency department is accredited as a level 1 trauma unit by the Trauma Society of South Africa and manages the full spectrum of trauma incidents, accidents as well as general emergencies.The unit is staffed by a specialised, multi-disciplinary trauma team who are able to provide complete medical, coronary and surgical care in every eventuality.The emergency department has a dedicated and registered helipad for emergency access and transfers and it is also supported by an on-site 24-hour Netcare 911 ambulance base, consisting of advanced life support paramed"
Address: 47 Clinton Road, New Redruth, 1449 Alberton (Gauteng)
Phone: +27 (0) 11 724 2000
Email: az.oc.eracten@noinueracremotsuc
City: Alberton
Street Number: 47 Clinton Road, New Redruth
Zip Code: 1449
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I arrived at Netcare emergency side around 4am. 1. An emergency unit with people that move at the speed on a tortoise 2. The staff was making small talk amongst themself so loudly that l felt like l was at a tavern. 3. There is also the random coming into your room just to catch in the gossip not that this person is part of the people meant to help. 4. I was covered with a well ironed sheet that had blood stains... l was not bleeding. 5. The nurse struggled to insert a drip,broke the middle...her friend kept offering to help but she refused. They eventually had to quickly collect blood for the tests as it was dripping. When my fiance and friend came in they picked up 2 used niddles from the floor. No apology was offered for this. I held myself from commenting about how loud they were for a good 45min or so and eventually asked them about it. I wish they focused on training their staff like they do on the aesthetics of the place.
My sister is admitted at maternity She went to c-section, no one came to assist her after surgery and she was in pain and taking care of her baby from changing to feeding the baby a bottle, they never took away the baby atleast to allow her to rest. Nurses are so rude,the nurses even said to her that pain is normal she must tolerate it. No nursery room
I was there this past weekend and and I had told myself I would never go back after the service I received at the Clinton. Immediately when I saw the same staff I knew if anything changed then maybe they just honouring the new structure. No sense of urgency, you just ring the emergency bell for nothing. Something needs to be changed here, they make it look like they are doing you a favor, we paying for heavens sake!!! At night you beg to be helped. It breaks my heart to think of how they treat us as patients. This is the worst from all private hospitals I have been. My wedding ring was also stolen, ring worth more than R9k, this breaks my heart
Reception and pre-admission was a nightmare. You're ignored, no eye contact and left to put the puzzle together, regarding where to go and who to speak to.No signageThe ward is worse. The noise is unbelievable. You're not welcomed or orientated. You have to figure it all out on your own. Not a pillowcase insight. No water at my bedside. Its really the worst level of care.My dignity was ripped from me during an ecg. The nurse left me naked and exposed. during this process. No one came to inform me I'm nil per mouth for surgery.
I had a really amazing experience at the Union. The staff in resuscitation were very professional and sympathetic to my issues. The staff in Cardiology ward were also incredible, from the nurses to the cleaners. All friendly and made me feel at home. Thank you for the experience
I have had numerous procedures and found the hospital staff professional and caring. When I came out of theater after a double mastectomy extremely emotional a nurse drew up chair and sat next to me to console me. Yes sometimes they do take a bit long with the requests patients make but patients must remember they have a whole ward with minimum of 20 beds to deal with plus the doctors and patients going into theater and coming out. The food too was good and we should also remember it's not a hotel. All my doctors at Alberton hospital: Dr Loots, Dr Laher, Dr Mamdoo, Oncologist Dr Rodrigues, Desiree Loots, Sr Lesley and all the receptionists are my heros and I want to thank them for everything. Just to add I never once made an appointment after each consultation their receptionist would phone and make your next appointment with the next doctor you had to see and whatsapp your date and time. We should appreciate all our Doctors and Nurses they save lives and work long hours to heal us. Desiree Rossiter-Green
Such a hostile environment, if I could give 0 stars I would. The nurses were so cold, I eventually took my father to Mulbarton hospital after hours of being avoided by staff in the waiting room. Can't imagine leaving a family member in the care of such nurses.
Great hospital to refer patient, ICU Covid staff has done their utmost to ensure that my husband got the best treatment and that improved his overall of his well being. All I can it was tough nje!
Had my baby via C-section on the 26th. Every single person that I encountered at the Hospital was super friendly and helpful. Amazing Experience
This is by far the worst service received at a private hospital. No attention, no compassion, no communication. Total lack of motivation in the staff who are rude, unfriendly, totally and pathetically useless to say the least. All the staff concentrate are cell phones standing around and giggling and playing the fool while thousands of Rands are being charged for this pathetic mannerisms and lack of service. I wouldn't recommend my worst Enemy do yourself a favor go elsewhere.
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