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Bertha Gxowa Hospital
Address: Joubert St, 1401 Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: 010 344 2997
City: Germiston
Street Number: Joubert St
Zip Code: 1401
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Very very bad experience of someone that is in there that we went to visit. People are not treated well. They neglect them and this person has been in hospital for 3 weeks and they are rude to him. If you look at the reviews it is 2.8 shouldn’t someone look into it ? He fell and got hurt.. He wanted to go to the toilet and he fell because no one helped him. They did not even help or clean the wounds after getting injured because of him trying to get to a bathroom. The man that was lying next to him died. He tried calling someone for help and no one attended. I wonder how they would feel if it was one of their family members. They are just there to get money at the end of the month, such people should not be in a hospital. Yes it is free and a government hospital but DO YOUR JOB. You are getting money to be there.
I delivered my baby at this hospital-the staff were very professional, friendly and well trained. They constantly check all their patients so no one ever has to call out for a service and follow up on you until you are ready to get discharged. Hats out to you guys, you definitely deserve a 5 star
I had the worst treatment any sick person would receive just because the male nurse by the name of Jacob was in a hurry to go home. At first, they wanted me to go back home saying their clinic is not within the area where I reside in, that time I only got to the province not so long, I hardly know where which place is, him, Jacob and Sister Gumede were so quick to tell me how not sick I am and that they only treat people within their area. Personally, I will never set foot in that clinic, I left the clinic more sick because of their attitude towards patients.
On Saturday 12th November late afternoon My daughter was rushed into casualty with a overdose from the time we arrived until the time she was released 4 days later . The staff , Nurses, Doctors everyone was fantastic. They saved her life , I will always be grateful and thankful to them thank you so very much. Wonderful hospital....
This is a terrible hospital the staff ignore patients you have to assist another patient when you are one. This hospital is for people wanting to come die because you wait so long for assistance that it could just be to late. I've been here since Friday 6:45pm and it is now Saturday 7:20pm have yet to see a doctor or get proper medical care. They refused to transfer me to another hospital where I would get better care. The nurses only change patients when the visitors are about to come see their relatives there's no bed baths blood pressure machines do not work but nurse record blood pressure results and you have to go to the nurse to even get your blood pressure taken. You will sit in pain and nurses and doctors will ignore you and say they have done what they were supposed to and you should wait for the next doctor that can take hours. Their medical care is negligent and poor. Patients are treated as inhuman. I am scared that I will die here due to no medical attention. My stomach should have been pumped but not even that was done
Been meaning to do this review about Berta gxowa public hospital, gave birth there on the 2nd of June 2021 i was afraid of the treatment i would get but they proved me wrong i felt like i was in a private hospital , the nurses were very kind and patient ,took very good care of us my son spent 1 week in the nicu and was well taken care of , the doctors treated us with so much respect cause they knew how we felt , the food was good i dont understand people who complain about hospital food cause its a hospital not a resturant, nurses made sure we bath get enough food and sleep if you miss out on feeding the baby they do it for you. As a future nurse i was so proud to see our nurses with respect and kindness to thier patients , ill always be greatfull .the cleaning lady the cook the security staff thank you and keep up the good work .
My sister is currently 9 months pregnant. Comparing to another hospital in Springs it is really a step up. Were we were greeted 2:00 in the morning with a smile, they helped her took her bags and wheelchair'ed her up to the maternity ward. They explained everything to her and even picked up a bladder infection where the other one never. Security went and got updates for us. They were really helpful in everyway. It turns out it was a false alarm but the way we treated was really something special. Comparing the difference between any other hospital and Germiston, I will rather go to Germiston General anyday
My father in law, Pieter van Staden goes to this hospital after he had traumatising experience with other hospitals. He says from top to bottom the service he receives and the cleanliness is top notch. Very organised, all the staff are friendly. God bless the staff and keep up the good work
Most disgraceful place to exist. Blood everywhere, nurses have an attitude and the security wouldn't let my husband stay with me for no reason. Racism at it's finest!!!
My husband was rushed into hospital on the 26th Dec with a heart attack, he had no meds or food, or water, they refused us entry to ring him the essentials including his meds shocking service
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Reviews, get directions and information Bertha Gxowa Hospital.

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