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North Gauteng High Court
Address: Paul Kruger Street, Pretoria
City: Pretoria
Street Number: Paul Kruger Street
categories: courthouse

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How is possible a lawyer can make himself the executor of a case two families and a will after that he decides you implicates the second will which is working right now
I have tried to call them no less than 30 times this morning, but the number is constantly engaged. I wonder who the heck they are on the phone with ALL THE TIME! It is impossible that they will only gave one number.
Court proceedings are done via virtual. Only the members of the public and a court official. Only 27 people allowed. Took a friend there to appear. You don't see your lawyer, magistrate or a public prosecutor. Maybe in another court room where almost every one is present. Covid change a lot the way we knew it.
Conditions at the High Court PTA, the highest Court in the Land, are appalling. Been back 4 times from JHB to apply at counter 25 at Francis Baard Street for Estate Late previous Executorship amendment of a deceased's Will for an additional claim. Application made 09.11.20 to come back after 4 weeks. File gets thrown into a dirty box. No receipt, no reference number given. No record made. Told to come back after 4 weeks. After 4 weeks coming back, File with application not found, going back 1 week later, file found but without application. Going back 1 week later, Administrator on leave or not in. Going back 1 week later, No one knows, when admin will be back. Coming back to PTA every week, another excuse, file is missing again, waiting at least 2 - 4 hours every time for nothing. Standing in the long cue, not enough chairs, sticky hot air, no air condition, no windows, hundreds of people waiting and breathing in masks, breeding place for Covid 19. Only 2 consultants max attending hundreds of waiting people. Been given a phone number and a consultants name, but nobody answers the phone. This must be the poorest and worst organized court in the country with little or no staff and no money, but lots of crime and gangsters, stealing the countries money from Tax payers. No wonder, the stealing corrupt leaders never get taken to court, the courts are not functioning. Where do we go from here ? What can we, the public, do ? This is not a democracy but rather another dictatorship in favor of the countries parliamentary leaders.
Is it possible for my step mother to change the house into her name after my father died , because she is the. Am i not entitled to a share somehow?
Neat and tidy, very safe
Friday afternoon and helped within my 1st call by a very professional lady WILLICAH SEOPA at the PTA masters office. Well done for your exelent friendly service lady. You are A Definite asset to the government and to this country. Thank You so much WILLICAH SEOPA 5
Slow, lines, no distance between waiting people on sidewalk, waiting to enter and always confusion with COVID protocol!
Been trying to get through telephonically since the end of November 2020 to get a document that was applied for on 24 Nov-20.
Surprisingly easy to get the papers I needed, courteous and very helpful staff!
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Reviews, get directions and information North Gauteng High Court.

Pretoria courthouse

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