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Advantage Rent A Car is one of the largest car rental companies in the United States. . Our rental cars offer the best in quality service and affordable pricing. It’s easy to book your rental car with Advantage. Just enter your pick up and drop off locations online, or call us 24/7. We cater to business and leisure travelers with convenient locations in 44 of the nation’s top travel markets!

"There is so much to do in the city of Los Angeles. Take your rental car to discover the beauty of an LA Philharmonic Orchestra performance at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Or hop in your rental van and explore the studios of Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, and Universal Studios. With Advantage Rent A Car, you can spend more of your money on what’s important to you and never overpay for a rental car. At Advantage, we offer the highest quality with discount prices on car rentals in the LAX area, so you can make the most of your trip."
Address: 1030 W MANCHESTER BLVD, Inglewood (Californie) 90301
Phone: (800) 277-5171
State: CA
City: Inglewood
Street Number: 1030 W MANCHESTER BLVD
Zip Code: 90301
categories: car rental

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CRIMINAL RACKET Advantage rented me an UNSAFE vehicle at the Atlanta Hartsfield Intl airport and are involved in a RACKET to get their customers to pay for worn tires. The tread on both front tires of the Dodge Caravan we rented was worn flat. We didn't think to look at the tread when we were inspecting it because we assumed we were getting a safe car. We rented the car on a thursday. By Sunday morning we found the driver side tire separated from the wheel causing the tire to completely deflate. This was not a slow leak caused from a nail. Advantage does NOT provide a spare and jack so we had to tow it to a local repair shop. At the repair shop, we did not find a nail when they filled it with air. Lf and Rf Tread depth was measured at 1/32nds. As I inspected the wheel when it was on the lift, the tire literally separated from the wheel, which caused a loud POP and BLEW IN MY FACE. I am lucky i didn't lose an eye. We had to buy a new tire. We brought the ruined tire to the Advantage rental and the manager went to look at it. When he returned, he showed me a NAIL lodged into the tire. It was so new it was SPARKLING SILVER. As if somehow the professionals at the repair shop missed it. Since this "proved" they didn't rent me an unsafe car, he offered me a 20% discount for my trouble. You have got to be an idiot to think this MANAGER working Sunday December 22nd around 4PM, didn't try to swindle me. In addition, when we returned the car my partner got out to show the woman inspecting the car the ruined tire. We watched her go inside the car to look at the speedometer. When my partner went back in to collect his things, his cell phone that had been sitting in the center consul was GONE. We spent 20 minutes frantically looking for it. We had already been through enough that day trying to catch our flight. It wasn't until the manager came back to show me the nail in the tire at the office, did they miraculously find the cell phone! BOTH THE MANAGER AND THE INSPECTOR ARE CRIMINALS. I will be reporting this to government watch dogs, the police, my attorney. And I expect a full refund and reimbursement for the cost of the new tire. See photos attached to see the front worn out tire verses the rear tire.
Great car rental experience! Jamine is a great guy with great conversation and customer service. We wanted a mustang so we did the upgrade. He was very informative with insurance information and all. I will definitely use this AAdvantage Rent a car again
I had a good experience with the people there. They were on the nice side but not very. Checking out the car was very smooth. Returning was also very smooth. The car I had was not clean. The car had water marks all over, the bugs were still sticking on the front bumper and the seat was not been wiped.some kind of liquid was on the seat so I had to clean I could’ve requested to clean the car but I did not have time to do that or change the car. I could come back but I would not if it’s not cheaper than the others.
They need to hire more people. It took us 2 hours to get to the counter. We are tourists and for us every minute matters. I would rather pay more somewhere else than book a rental over here. No wonder why these guys have more 1 star reviews than 5 stars.
Got a nice car and the service was nice but it was a bit dirty on the inside and the push start system wasn't that great. In order to start the car, I had to hold the key next to the start button. The "key not in range" alert kept going off while driving. I'd definitely use them again because even though I booked a compact, I got an intermediate Volkswagen Jetta wagon.
I couldn’t have picked a better place to rent a car from! Arrived Friday evening Labor Day weekend with about 10 people in line and 2 employees working, wait was only about 20 minutes. I reserved a mid size SUV and got a very nice like new Kia Sorrento. The very nice female at the counter went through each sales upgrade question as I politely denied. Got the key, did a pre-check of any damage inside and out gave the slip to the attendant and was on my way for a wonderful 4 days in LA. Filled the tank back up and pulled right into the drop off area no line and we were on our way to LAX.
I had a bad experience with EZ rental before. So when I turned up in the same building I was worried. I had a flawless experience with Advantage. Also Tiffany, one of the shuttle drivers was a cut above the rest. She provided a kind and caring first class level of service. Please make sure she is rewarded for her hard work and great customer service.
First time and my last time ! When we got to adv office it took us an hour to get to the front desk because too many people and few employees bad customer service Then when i got to the front desk the lady was trying to give me smaller car than what i got online for the same price!!!!!! Than she said the we don’t accept third party insurance. And then i had to pay 40 dollars more on the price that I paid online , so you guys are middle day thieves
OUR EXPERIENCE with Advantage are always Excellent when it it comes to what kind of car are we getting from the lot and I hope it will never change because most of the time our rental car are upgraded to what we requested and its a plus. A couple of weeks ago we set a vacation plan to travel from LA to UTAH and back to LA before we head back to Hawaii. THE TRUTH is we are 30 minutes late from the pickup time around 8:00AM so we take the 2 hrs WAITING IN LINE just to get the car. I see a nonstop flow of people trying to get their ride, JUST A NOTE to the ADVANTAGE employee I suggest that we need more people in the front if the paper works on your end shows how many customer will be in your location in certain time which I saw that some back support guys wearing neon green jackets start processing other customer in line so its a good sign that the team knows how to support the front when they are busy! so We end up 11:30AM and got our VAN noted that I requested for a KIA SEDONA but I end up getting a CHRYSLER PACIFICA which I really appreciate because its more UPGRADED or ADVANCED in all the gadgets inside the car like heated seat,steering wheel that I need in cold places since we also went to Park City UTAH and the apple car play that really helps me on my navigation. About the VAN it is good on gas mileage, comfort,gadgets and space for our stuff. RETURNING THE CAR this supposed to be a NEGATIVE but I just want to take it as a lesson for US Me and my wife switch so She become the driver and I'm on the passenger side when we return the van we accidentally forgot her Gray Hoodie with Brown Fox Fur layer inside by Aeropostale that my daughter bought for her Mom last Christmas. Since we switch my focus is to gather my electronics in front and forgot that I'm seating in the passenger side which the hoodie was hang, We turn in the VAN the person in charge of checking the odometer open the driver and the passenger side basically check the inside of the VAN he look at me twice with out saying a word and he talk to the lady who also check the VAN so two person already checked it and they move the VAN forward. Since my Family comes from different states so we decided to catch the Shuttle right a way and just wait in the Airport kill 5Hrs time then we realize that my wife is missing her Hoodie, She called the ADVANTAGE location and they said that they found it! Thank Lord! this is the tricky part. My wife and the person in the office agree that there is a shuttle driver that will bring back the Hoodie so no need for us to go back in the ADVANTAGE lot so we waited for almost 2.5Hrs and we stop and ask almost all the ADVANTAGE shuttle that pass by. until She end up going back to the ADVANTAGE lot and ask them personally what just happened? it clearly say TERMINAL 3 location her name is Meryknoll but still they said someone took it! We don't know if the shuttle driver verify the details or just handed it to any one on Terminal 3 or the Hoodie never leave the lot because we waited 2.5Hrs and the shuttle only travel 25 minutes from the airport to the ADVANTAGE lot back and fort since the traffic is moderate just do the MATH. a single shuttle can circle around us in 2.5Hrs ADVICE TO ALL CAR RENTERS if you loose an item and you are sure that it was on the vehicle the last time you see it call them up and DO NOT LET THEM BRING IT TO YOU! YOU PICK IT UP! if you have enough time to spare. I DON'T POINT FINGERS on this ISSUE its our FAULT to leave a personal belongings by accident but if a HONEST and DEDICATED person sees this HE/SHE resolved the problem instantly its only a hoodie but the sentimental value is priceless! LESSON LEARNED!!! GOD BLESS US ALL! HAVE A SAFE TRAVEL!!!
So far my experience with this place is horrible. I did a reservation for a car at 11:30am and was in a long line. There were only 2 people helping at the register. Lady I asked for clarification if a car would be available since a hour already had passed waiting was very rude. We ended up getting an Uber so we could get to where we needed. I still haven't gotten a car from them today, I'll update this if this ever works out.
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