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AVR Van Rental Solutions has 13 convenient locations serving California, Colorado, Texas, Indiana, Oregon, illinois and Nevada.


Airport Van Rental is a family-owned company and we are active in the community. We have been in the vehicle rental business for over 12 years, renting all types of vehicles, and now specializing in Vans. We decided to become a van rental company because we felt it was an area we could do better in than any other company.

We are the recognized industry leader in Van Rentals. We were the first van rental company in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Ontario, Orange County, Las Vegas and Sacramento. We know from our years of experience and customer feedback, that the typical car rental company does not offer our specialized van rental personal service.

When you rent a regular car, most people have a general idea of its features. But getting the exact van rentals for their special needs often requires a phone call or two to make certain that you get the perfect van. And our customer agents welcome your phone calls and are thoroughly knowledgeable about all of the features of our extensive airport van rental fleet.

For deal updates follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/vanrentalusa


Our promise is to be customer focused by providing the best service, quality vans at the lowest price.


AVR Van Rental Solutions has 11 convenient locations serving California, Colorado, Oregon, and Nevada.

AVR provides quality passenger and cargo van rentals ranging from:

7 Passenger Mini Van
8 Passenger Van
11 Passenger Van
12 Passenger Van
15 Passenger Van
Cargo Van
Wheel Chair Accessible Vans

We also offer convenient, shuttle services, van deliveries & drivers for hire.

Make your reservation today @ http://www.airportvanrental.com/

"We specialize in renting vans. We offer 7-15 passenger vans, including cargos, parcel delivery, and medical vans."
Address: 5235 W 104th St, Los Angeles 90045
Phone: (310) 670-0510
Email: moc.latnernavtropria@xal
State: CA
City: Los Angeles
Street Number: 5235 W 104th St
Zip Code: 90045
categories: car rental

Opening Hours

Monday: 07:00 - 00:00
Tuesday: 07:00 - 00:00
Wednesday: 07:00 - 00:00
Thursday: 07:00 - 00:00
Friday: 07:00 - 00:00
Saturday: 07:00 - 00:00
Sunday: 07:00 - 00:00

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My wife and I really needed a reliable vehicle for an affordable price, AND on short notice. Just wanna say….. General Manager Alicia was AWESOME!! She was very professional, kind, and didn’t waste any of hers or our time. Traveling can be stressful but she really made our experience pleasant and smooth and we are extremely grateful. Picking up and returning our van was super easy. She also explained how to catch the shuttle- which was great because we had no issues with time. Within less than an hour we went from the plane to our van and on our way to enjoy family time! Oh and lastly, the van was in GREAT condition! Very clean and well maintained so thank you to everyone who had a hand in that as well! We appreciate your service and will definitely be renting from AVR again soon!
We had an amazing time in LA using AVR. When I made a small mistake with my reservation, the Manager was there for me to ensure a safe & reliable vehicle was at the ready. We were also able to srop off after hours. The airport shuttle to Sheraton 4 Seasons made it simple to travel. All in all I felt like family and would recommend Airport Van Rental !
Horrible desk personnel. We were treated as if they thought the worst of us right from the moment we were there to return the van. We were no longer "paying customers" but adversaries that are a big burden. The van was fine, but the check in gal was basically rotten. To start the morning with... getting through the pay gate was unclear and cost us multiple trips around the cramped parking area. We didn't want to pay a ticketed gated parking fee. When I dropped off my wife to go inside to ask HOW we get through the pay gate to the rear lot we had lost 15 minutes, which any traveler knows is precious time to lose BEFORE you even get on the shuttle and to the airport. I dropped the luggage and kids off in front and drove through electronic gate to give back the van while my wife finished paperwork with the desk woman. This part should have been pleasant, simple and swift. It was none of those. When we could get her off a personal phone call duh, customer waiting she was unhappy with US. She went to check out the gas level, we got the van with less than 1/2 tank of gas and returned it nearly full, and survey the condition of the vehicle. Then she declared literally, "what did YOU DO here?" referring to a TINY windshield chip see pictures, way smaller than a dime, by my fingernail that we hadn't even noticed. You can't see it from a few feet away it's a tiny dot near the steering wheel in the photo of the WHOLE windshield and it's not something we would "DO" to her vehicle. I know eventually they will likely need to replace the windshield, especially if it spreads or there are more debris chips from more customers driving the vehicle in real world conditions. Obviously it's basic freeway driving... just imagine 2+ hrs driving in LA area freeways each way to/from AVR location. Those are basic wear n' tear things that happen when vehicles leave the parking lot and see real life use. But she actually shamed us and her attitude was that we were negligent and even purposely irresponsible. She accused us of "doing this to their new van", and asked us WHEN/HOW we did this to the van? Now she was angry and we needed to fill out MORE paperwork. Never mind my kids are STILL at the other side of this location and we need to get to the airport. She is continuing to be callous and accusatory. She took the paperwork and completely ignored us. We were stunned at her attitude and treatment of us. We stood there waiting in silence. I finally asked if that is all and she gruffly said "yes". Thanks lady for leaving us awkwardly staring at you. Now we have to deal with the whole airport scene while the uninvited stress of this experience is rattling around inside our heads. No people skills, no courtesy, no acceptable reason for the tiny chip besides, "you did this" & a them against us attitude. Ughhhh... I am so mad still. This could have been handled so much better and differently. Not worth the stress nor rude treatment. There seems to be no corporate accountability I made a futile phone call to customer service while at the airport nor concern for matters like this. I wish I didn't have to leave even 1 star. But, maybe that 1 star is for the van itself. It's a toxic company so far as our experience. I will file complaints with the powers that be and provide an update here if there is anything positive in the future.
I picked up my vehicle on May 3rd, it was a one way rental to Los Angeles. On the third day of my road trip, the chairs in the back started creaking and collapsing to the ground every time we hit a speed bump. The vehicle is abnormally high for accessibility elderly passengers and when I complained to AVR San Francisco they told me I would be able to exchange for a newer vehicle in Los Angeles. When I arrived in Los Angeles, the lady, Anna, gave me insanely bad attitude and proceeded to mumble curses under her breath about chinese people thinking I wouldn’t understand. I was being respectful the whole time asking her to exchange the vehicle and she proceeded to say I was the one who broke the chair and damaged the vehicle, she could accuse me of that and it’s okay because I have videos that is timestamped of the how the vehicle condition was upon picking up the vehicle. I have forwarded pictures below of how she pushed one of the passengers out of the vehicle while inspecting and caused her to start bleeding from her whole face. It is utterly ridiculous how the workers can treat elderly passengers thinking they can get away with it because we are Chinese and can’t “speak” english as she kept on saying. Below are the attached pictures of how high the vehicle is and how my friend looks after she shoved her out the vehicle. Update 5/12: AVR Los Angeles Manager Alicia was able to speak to me on the phone about this incident. We were informed that AVR San Francisco bluntly lied to our face about a "policy" that didn't allow Transits for one way rentals when we requested at the counter. Our experience with AVR overall has been truly disappointing but at the end of the day Alicia was able to swap out our old van for a transit for the final 3-4 days of our vacation. I truly hope in the future that AVR has better policies in place for its employees to understand their customers needs. I will post an update again once Alicia is able to provide me with the compensation details for the first 6 days of our rental with the old cargo van. It is pretty ridiculous to give customer's fake policies and on top of that not even notifying other locations about a car swap when they told us clearly they would. Update 5/25 AVR Los Angeles Manager Alicia has stopped responding to me and Marcus, another manager supposedly has not answered a single one of my emails. Do NOT trust this company as they will try to claim and make things right when something goes wrong but will stop replying to you a week after. I will be filing a charge with my credit card company via travel protection and insurance. Stay AWAY from AVR if you want you and your family to have a enjoyable trip.
I run a small Business and rent a 15 passenger van monthly for field trips. I have been using AVR for years but the service was always off and on. They have moved locations and have a great new manager name ALICIA. She is incredibly helpful, returns email promptly and offers great customer service. She even suggested I apply for a Corporate Discount since I rent so often. Thank you again Alicia for making AVR such a great place to rent Vans!
Positive: Alicia who assisted us on day of pickup was professional and friendly. Van rental was what we needed, clean and ran well. Negative: when I rented the vehicle online, it mentioned that they offered unlimited miles. When I signed the contract, the mileage information was very small print. Alicia did not go over the fact that I would not be getting unlimited miles for this vehicle. I believe it’s important that she should have emphasized that and that did not happen. Ultimately I signed the contract, but she had a responsibility to point that out so I get no surprises. For what I paid I could have gone to an National car rental brand and received unlimited miles. IF I ever rent a vehicle from this company again, I will make sure to ask the question about the miles or only use them when I am getting around locally.
I started out through websites that gather all the cheapest rental cars, but quickly noticed the prices were not what they first claimed to be and the approval ratings were stunningly bad - except for this one. I went directly to their website and then called customer service with my questions. Brenda answered the phone quickly no long hold, understood my concerns and quickly helped me figure everything out. Her customer service was top-notch, and the prices on the website were exactly what they appeared at first glance, which was nearly 200 cheaper for the four days than the cheapest one on the aggregate site. Also, I did all the paperwork in advance online, so I won't have to wait forever when I get to LA, which is common with many companies. All in all, excellent customer service and value.
I do not recommend this car rental company. They do not offer a shuttle to drive to the remote car rental depot and once I got there they did not answer the phone, leaving me stranded. I had to walk half a mile to the place. Once I finally got the car it was in horrible condition. The doors are broken and do not lock. The car was dirty and the seats were stained. I recommend using U-Save instead. Horrible costumer service.
Absolute worst company to rent with. Many of their employers are incompetent of giving quality service. READ the contracts thoroughly and take your time. You can let them know every detail of your trip and ask for exact pricing on based off those details and they will tell you only the things you want to hear. A reservation of $880 turned to $1200. BEWARE. I called several times before my reservation to clear up and verify any details and when I booked and returned the vehicle almost everything was not true. All they will say is "It's in our terms". I have never felt so ripped off and disappointed with a service enough to right a review before until now.
Unethical. Unreliable. Did not hold a rental reservation for one hour on a day that LAX had weather delays. The counter agent aggressively scolded us for not being on time despite being in a delayed flight. It’s a regular scam I suppose. They cancel a pre-made reservation to land a fat same day rate. We ended up paying 2X higher at a reputable car rental agency since it was last minute.
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