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For almost 20 years, Global All States Car Rental has served as LA’s premier car rental service thanks to our fantastic selection and great service!


For almost 20 years, Global All States Car Rental has served as LA’s premier car rental service thanks to our fantastic selection and great service!

Our competitive rates and commitment to the highest level of customer service has had our customers coming back to us time and again. It all stems from our philosophy that customers should never expect less simply because they pay less. Our car rental rates are always competitive but we never forget that we are in the service business! At Global All States Car Rental, we boast everything from cars, trucks, and SUVs to sports cars and 12-passenger vans. And with our convenient location just two miles from LAX (and our free shuttle service), you’ll be ready to get started on your Golden State trip right away. We even offer a 10% discount to students and AAA members plus we offer rentals to those under the age of 25, a true rarity in our industry.

We look forward to serving you soon at Global All States Car Rental!

Address: 5249 W. Century Blvd, Los Angeles 90045
Phone: (310) 417-6969
Parking: Lot
State: CA
City: Los Angeles
Street Number: 5249 W. Century Blvd
Zip Code: 90045
categories: automotive service, car rental

Opening Hours

Monday: 07:00 - 20:00
Tuesday: 07:00 - 20:00
Wednesday: 07:00 - 20:00
Thursday: 07:00 - 20:00
Friday: 07:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 08:00 - 19:00
Sunday: 08:00 - 17:00

This scam rental car tried to accuse us of not returning the car and said they were robbed. The owner left a signed saying he will return by 1230, we waited until 115p , left the keys in the drop box and walked back to our hotel. called the next day in the afternoon to state I did not return the car, as I questioned him his story change several times and he couldn't answer my questions. This company needs to be shut down for permanently. I will follow up with the police. The Westin LA hôtel referred this rental company, might be in on the scam. Will contact them as well. HORRIBLE SERVICE HORRIBLE
I was a bit scared because of the reviews saying that they did not get their deposit back, I fortunately got the refund for my deposit a week later and the experience was pretty good, the guy treated me well, was honest and gave me a good deal for an under 25 year old. I recommend this company for anyone under 25. My only feedback was that the car was dirty inside when I received it
My experience was pleasant. Thankfully We had a family vacation when me and my family arrived we were able to rent a minivan nice and clean Toyota Sienna without any hassle. Outstanding customer treatment, very good selection of cars and fast "no waiting" which make All State car rental my top choice at LAX. Hint: excellent pricing, Return was super easy as well, just drove in, unloaded luggage and ourselves, got the receipt and went our way. Total was about 3 minutes would recommend them to anyone in the industry!
The car was not cleaned from the previous driver. There were receipts, other trash and it had not been vacuumed. The windows were covered in dirt from being on the roof during the rain. I booked this car days in advance and seeing as how it wad the last one they had, I find it unacceptable they didn't even clean the outside windows. The inside windows were just as bad as someone sprayed cleaner on them, but didn't wipe it after. I waited and helped get the car drivable. It reeked of smoke even though it was clearly posted as a non smoking car. The need maintenance light was on the whole time. And the staff are very lazy. They have no concept of their guest being in a hurry.
I chose this place because it looked like it was the closest to LAX. It is one of the worst travel decisions I have ever made. The first car they offered me, the check engine light was on. I declined. The guy had to call his boss to get permission to give me, instead, a Ford Escape with - I'm not exaggerating - 94,000 miles on. It vibrated so badly while stopped, I felt motion sick. The engine was so noisy, I couldn't hear the radio. I had to drive this thing to San Diego and back. And then on the last day, the car wouldn't start. When I called them to tell them, there was no one there - at 6pm! I had to leave messages telling them I where I was abandoning the car, leaving the key with a friend, then get a ride from someone else. When I called them to follow up, the guy yelled at me because the car started for them! He was like, "You're supposed to bring the car back!" I mean, I can't. I rent a lot of cars. This was literally the worst. No, literally. PS: I wrote this review in 2018 and it got moved to a different, non-LAX location of, I guess, the same agency. That is yet another layer of sketchy.
reserved a mustang there, waited almost one hour for ‘their’ shuttle, they don’t have shuttle, guests have to take a hotel shuttle nearby , at last we gave up waiting and took a taxi there. When I get the car, I shocked, yes, it IS A MUSTANG, but that car seems even older than me. Do you remember the cars you saw 20 years ago? That car is! There isn’t any functions at all except moving. Scratch and dents are all over the car. Really loud knocking noises from the bottom of that carthat made me feel the car may break up at anytime. When I make reservation on their web, the picture of the Mustang I reserved is brand new model!
So after more than a week not received my deposit back of $350 I contacted them directly to ask several time. Owner or manager kept saying his merchant has told them its posted to my account already. I wouldn't be calling them to bother them if I had already received my deposit back. Then he tried to tell me no it was $250 I'm getting back not $350. Very unprofessional! Stealing from customers! He said that it's me and all those other customers on here with bad reviews that have problems with our banks, that it's not their problem. Really!? I should have known instantly after getting into a beat up smoke smelling car. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. GO TO DOLLAR RENTAL THEY ARE CHEAPER! We were in a rush and didn't want to stand in line at the dollar rental for hours so we settled with this awful company.
I rented with them and the first car I received had throw up inside/dirt everywhere inside of it on the floors the seat everything. I then asked for a different car and the new car was dirty as well. I myself vacuumed the car after just receiving it because I couldn’t drive in a dirty car. The owner then charged me for ashes in the car when I did not smoke in the car and I vacuumed the car so how were there ashes. He refused to refund or anything and just kept saying “I don’t know” oh and also he gave me the gas tank on 3/4 and told me bring it back at 3/4 as well which I did and now he’s charging me an additional $20. Also I extended for 2 extra days and he charged me more than the original rate so he kept my entire hold amount along with extra money he charged me. Definitely do not recommend. They are a mom and pop facility so there’s no corporation and you only have one ignorant person to deal with. Very upset I spent $550+ for a dirty car when I could’ve spent that amount at a real rental place. Do not go here. It’s inside of La Quinta Inn on W Century Blvd. Also make sure you TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEOS AND EVEN RECORD EVERYTHING HE SAYS because I will be taking legal actions for this. Absolutely disgusting and unprofessional.
Absolutely do not go here. Go to as many other car rental places available because you will NOT get your security deposit back. The car I got was completely dirty, spoiled yogurt in the back seat, usb input not working, radio not working, and clearly this car did not get a wash before obviously. The owner can go to h3ll respectfully.
This rental car place is treffic. They have all size of cars, not crowded like the big rental cars. I am renting from them every year, never had a problem with car or payments. I highly recomend it to everyone.
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