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California and Route 66 Classic Car Tours and Rentals / Ride Free Tours


California Classic Car Guided Tours and Route 66 Mustang and Classic Car Tours. Drive a Classic Car on Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to San Francisco, or from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon in a Classic Car Rental on Route 66.



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Address: 11014 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles 90304
Phone: (310) 978-9558
State: CA
City: Los Angeles
Street Number: 11014 S La Cienega Blvd
Zip Code: 90304
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Me and my wife decided to have a USA motorcycle adventure as Honey Moon and we found Ride Free on the web. We were worried because 15 days on a Motorcycle could be very hard to bear, but with Wil and Erin's support and advices the Route 66 slipped under our wheels easy and more confortable than we expected! Wil's pdf guides made us visit the best thing to be found on the legendary Route and Erin's supported us dealing with hotels along the way. It has been the best way to deal with a self guided Rt. 66 tour!!!
What a fantastic trip. My friend and I spent 2 years discussing this trip and eventually settled on the fantastic team at Ride Free. What quickly convinced us to go with them was a great response to a negative review in which all of the supposed negatives were actually all the things we wanted to do. We also got some great guidance from Ride Free in detailed phone discussions before booking the trip. We ended up getting the bikes we wanted BMW's and taking in some of the best roads we have ever ridden over 15 days through Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. We had a focus on great roads, great music and great food, all of which Ride Free delivered in spades. We had originally planned joining a group tour, but ended up going self guided with help from fantastic maps that Will supplied to us each day. We are so glad that we did it that way as Wil was always available to us to help with tips, but we could do things at our pace. Ride Free organised all of our accomodation which varied from log cabins near the tail of the dragon to a railway carriage in Chattanooga to southern mansions... all fantastic. If I ever do another motorcycle tour of the USA and I hope to, Ride Free will be the guys I go to.
I would like to thank both Will and Andy for making the Route 66 trip in the 61 Caddy from Chicago to LA such a memorable and enjoyable journey. It was well organised but flexible enough to get the most out of it and having a small group enhanced the whole experience. The accommodation and backup was excellent considering some overnight destinations were remote. Driving a classic 61 Caddy down Route 66 with the top down was another thing and I felt really privileged to do. I can now mark another one off the bucket list and it was so enjoyable to share the experience with great travelling companions. The whole Ride Free experience suited the way we travel and I would certainly highly recommend them to anyone thinking of doing the trip. Just don't leave to too late. Thanks guys.
Wil and Erin at Ride Free organised our whole trip along route 66 then the coast road to San Francisco. A self guided driving tour we did with our friends. And taking in some of the natural wonders as well like the Grand Canyon & Yosemite. Everything Ride Free delivered exceeded our expectations. The cars were loads of fun, the accommodation quirky and comfortable. They supplied daily google GPS instructions to keep us on track and make sure we saw everything of interest, and these were personalised to the things we wanted to see. And loads of useful information as well. They really captured the spirit of route 66 and made our trip amazing. Highly recommend Ride Free!
Nathan Peach Overseal, Derbyshire, United Kingdom Just recently completed a Ride Free organised tour of Northern California, me and my buddy hatched an idea to go and have an adventure in America whilst still fit and able enough to not be plagued with bad knees and poor general health not that Ill health was looming, but it seemed a good enough reason to not delay organising 2 weeks bombing around on motorbikes abroad we were completely naive to ANY concept of organising such a trip, very quickly we we’re met with the situation of having “all of the questions” and none of the answers, so after a few mistakes and a whole deal of frustration getting deposit money back with substandard tour companies we stumbled across RIDE FREE, from the very first communication with Wil and Erin we knew we’d hit the jackpot. Wil gave us a whole year of personal guidance and tailored a trip taking in everything we asked for and offered some great ideas to make it the most memorable trip possible. If you are considering booking a trip with Wil and Erin the best description I have is as follows, we were 2 friends who had never really done anything like this before, we had nothing but nerves and a whole load of “what ifs” running around our heads, Wil gave us the feeling of having an angel on our shoulder looking out for our every day making sure we had nothing to think about other than having the best time we have ever had. I will most certainly remember it forever and I whole heartedly owe it to Wil and Erin at ride free. Faith in humanity restored Can’t possibly thank you enough
Route 66 Tour - May 2018 The only reason I am giving this trip 5 stars is because they don’t allow me to give them more. This was one of the most fun adventures I have been on. I LOVED it. Every minute of it. At work I have OCD and want to know everything about everything and be in control of everything, so when I go on holiday I want someone else to worry about everything. I just want to have fun. And this trip delivered. My biggest decisions for everyday was, what do I put on my play list and choosing something off the dinner menu. Every morning Brian tour leader would give us an overview of the day and to be honest I mostly did not listen. I loved just getting on the bike and seeing where I ended up. Once we get on the road I would start my music play list, settle into the bike, feel the wind against my body, and just experience. It was awesome. I went with the flow and enjoyed everything about this trip. The rain, the heat, watering down our t-shirts, the occasional u-turn, the bike, the stops, the delicious lunches have ribs wherever you can, they fantastic, the places we stayed, the dinners we shared, the camaraderie of the other bikers. Before I went on this trip not being a biker myself I thought bikers were whisky swigging, wife beating people but this trip put it all in perspective for me. This trip opened my eyes to so many wonderful things. And the 2 guides were fantastic. Loved them both. Brian leader was patient, fun and easy going and very knowledgeable about the route …. And other things Curt taking up the rear, like our safety net. Making sure we all taken care of and don’t wonder off. and carrying the luggage – important stuff for us girls BUT I must warn you, If you are looking for the Ritz hotel and fancy fine dining every night then this trip is not for you. You stay in authentic places, that give you a feel of the route you are traveling and the adventure you are experiencing. But every place we stayed at was always clean, had plenty of hot water and plenty towels again… important for girls I have been back home now for 2 month and I still think about this trip every day. I just want to be back there, riding free…. Miss it so much I’m planning my next trip. Hope Brian and Curt are available.
A fantastic experience driving the 66 Mustang convertible - great support and advice on places to go for a foreigner to check out - friendly helpful and flexible too! I was travelling solo so really appreciated the little extras such as recommendations of places to stay as well as the friendly assistance when I got lost returning the car! I would highly recommend the guys at Ride Free to all car buffs who want the chance of a life time - to road trip in an iconic American classic! Kiwi Kate
We just finished a 17 day tour across the continental USA with Ride Free, starting from Chicago, including the Harley museum in Milwaukee, four days in Sturgis, Yellowstone, Bonneville and Vegas which was a trip of a lifetime. Ride Free were more than happy to adapt their Sturgis trip to include Bonneville, Yellowstone and Chicago as we had a group of 7. We travelled 4900kms and in all honesty every day was just incredible, better than the previous and we were pinching ourselves from day one. For those that think its better, easier, cheaper to do it yourself, you are missing out on the experience, the information, the background, the care, the knowledge of the best places to stay, each, fill up, get a photo, all these special touches and nothing beats having essentially your own private tour guides that can give you the background on everything. Plus having your own bar stocked with your particular poison, chilled on ice waiting for you at the end of the day in the support truck cannot be beaten! We are definitely doing more of the States, but will only do it with Ride Free now. Mike & Adriana Stehlin New Zealand
I've been in touch with Wil and Ride Free for two years over of the organization on our tour on the Route 66. He never missed an e-mail, never late, always precise and supportive. .. and when we were travelling he as ' with us', constantly checking if everything was 0k and then also solving a little problem at the end of our trip in LA: Amazing! Let's trust this guy and company! Thanks Wil!
This was the second trip we have done through Ride Free. Wil and Erin just take all the worries out of it. Highly recommend with great price and excellent back up support.
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Reviews, get directions and information California and Route 66 Classic Car Tours and Rentals / Ride Free Tours.

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