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Palmridge High Court
Address: Cnr K146 Rd Palm Ridge Rd, 1488 Katlehong
Phone: 010 232 2000
City: Katlehong
Street Number: Cnr K146 Rd Palm Ridge Rd
Zip Code: 1488
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Our adoption documents has been at the children's court Palm Ridge Court since October 2022, it is almost 4 months without the clerk of the court has contact us to finalize the adoption. The social worker has been to the court in person but the clerk has not yet respond
I went yesterday to the Civil Court and was asked to come back today at 7am. The Court doesn't open this early so I waited outside. At around 1pm I was told they were on lunch and I would have to wait. Around 3pm we were told the stamp was lost and we either wait or come back tomorrow. I was there for the entire day waiting for a document to be stamped. It's truly disappointing that anything we need to have done to protect ourselves or sort out for our families is such a hassle to sort out. Please can you improve on these systems. I don't understand how a stamp gets lost and people have to wait an entire day. We take time off from work and still need to pick up children from school etc...
I went to Registrar's office Civil and I was served well with courtesy.
Place is kept tidy and clean but stuff there takes their precious time to attend to people's matters...
I visited Palm ridge Court the other day with great disappointment. After standing in the queue outside I finally got to the office at Room -81 1st Floor for Family Matters that I was supposed to visit. My mom was with me. We stood outside the room as there appeared to be no one in the room. We stood there for about 10 min or more until other people arrived at the same room. We had conversation like normal people would do and advise each other. Suddenly a lady appeared at the front desk in the room, after making herself a cup of tea, which I fully understand, we all need our lunch breaks, and one of the people said I can go in as I was the first in the queue. When I approached the lady I greeted her with a smile and she only responded in saying "don't come any closer" instead of greeting me back which I feel was utterly awful and for someone that was not even wearing a mask. I asked my mom to come in with me as she knows more about the case. She asked my mom to leave the room as she needs to speak to me alone. I wanted to take out my ID and other documents that I thought she might need, just for her to tell me I must not take out anything in a rude manner as she won't be needing it and only handed over a form for me to complete and return. This lady had no shame in her behavior after I told her that she is rude. Her attitude could lead to a really bad situation. Believe me, if one wants to be respected than we should learn to respect other people. Its people like her that work in government places that makes this world or this country so cruel and heartless. Lady if you do read this, please start to make a change today cause we do not know what tomorrow holds. You can be a better person. Cause tomorrow you will regret how you have treated people when you find yourself in the same situation or even worse. I pray that God has mercy on you and your colleagues. All of you need to realise that the people that need your services are not animals. Treat us with respect and dignity
The Court is fairly new, well maintained and clean... The staff is efficient, I have yet to complain about anything at this Court, could probably be because I've only been there twice in the last two years...
Super slow! They take their own sweet time! I had to sit for 3 hour just to someone can sign a paper as make a copy and this was after I got helped
Hi..due to the lockdown and my case is on the 3rd april I went to the court to confirm if it's on or postponed.i was turned away.been trying to call the manager of the court everyday from last week.it just rings.please can someone on the government department investigate why calls are not answered and people are have no answers to their cases during this lockdown.
Very good service!
Judge comes in at 11:15 and takes toilet break after hesring one case. Now 12:36 and still waiting. Absolutely shocking and NOT acceptable!
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Reviews, get directions and information Palmridge High Court.

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