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Agency Car Rental

Address: 8622 Bellanca Ave Ste A, Los Angeles 90045
Phone: (310) 410-9097
Email: moc.latnerrac-acirema@asu
State: CA
City: Los Angeles
Street Number: 8622 Bellanca Ave Ste A
Zip Code: 90045
categories: transit hub

Opening Hours

Monday: 08:00 - 20:00
Tuesday: 08:00 - 20:00
Wednesday: 08:00 - 20:00
Thursday: 08:00 - 20:00
Friday: 08:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 08:00 - 20:00
Sunday: 08:00 - 20:00

Please take a second so I can stop you right in your tracks. DO NOT rent a car through America Car Rental / Right Cars LAX as they call themselves. They ask for an extremely high deposit that they do not tell you about until you're in the office. It has been two weeks since I turned in my car and I still do not have my deposit back. Every staff member keeps giving me the run-around saying their system is down or to call back at a different time. The staff is unprofessional and unwilling to help. Management is impossible to get in touch with. I will be reporting this to the BBB. I knew I should not have rented a car from this shady agency. To add insult to injury, I was punctual and drove to turn my car in at 8:00 AM. There was no one at the office until 9:00 AM. Another customer and myself were waiting for an entire hour before any employees showed up an hour late without any notice. Poor business practices. Save yourself a headache and rent from a reputable agency. The ONLY good reviews made for this business were made with shell accounts. They have to give themselves a 5 star review with fake accounts - see uploaded image.
What these guys do is outright fraudulent. Do not rent with these guys – you’ll just be throwing your money away and inviting unnecessary headaches. I rented a car with them in October 2015. When I arrived at LAX, they told me they didn’t have a car, to go to another car rental company instead and that they’d return my money and pay the difference from going to the other company. The other company, though expensive, were great and delivered as expected. However, after providing them the receipt from the other company, America Car Rental still 1.25 years later have not refunded me any money at all including the initial deposit I prepaid them. They have taken my money and provided me with absolutely nothing in return, except for a giant headache. Like another reviewer previously stated, they now largely dodge my calls too when I try calling them. On the rare occasion I am able to get through, they give me the runaround, with the agent telling me she’ll talk to her boss and attempt to get traction on this. Well after 15 months, I still have not seen my money back and I am convinced her boss Diana is the most useless boss in the country. Take my advise…don’t get lured by the lower prices, it is a facade. Do NOT rent a car here.
These guys have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. This place is a sham and they just want to scam you. They falsely advertise that a shuttle will pick you up from Lot C lie. The car I got was nearly about to fall apart. If I could give them zero stars, I would. Save your money and go next door to the other car rental companies on the same street.
Spend a little extra and rent from a reputable place. Our flight landed at 7:00am and we didn't know that they don't open until 8:00. They finally answered the phone and she said the shuttle would be picking us up right at 8:10 in lot C and when I asked where that was, she couldn't be bothered and hung up on me. Called again, asked the same question and asked her not to hang up on me. We didn't get picked up for over an hour. The Hertz shuttle driver noticed us standing there for 90 min and offered to drive us all the way over to lot C, where we were expecting a shuttle and instead, a guy in a car was beeping his horn at us. We found out that this company isn't even allowed on airport property, so they have to pick up people in an offsite parking lot. When I made the reservation, it said that we would be getting a Mazda CX 9 or similar. Of course when we arrived, all they could give us was the car the guy picked us up in and it was filthy. She said they don't have those types of cars. She also would not rent to us unless we paid for their insurance, which I had refused, because our insurance covers rental cars, so we had no choice but to pay extra for that. She took a copy of the front and back of my credit card, highlighting the security code. I told her I didn't want her doing that and she said it was for extra charges and besides, if they did use my card, all I had to do was dispute it, like other people do. What the hell! So I now have an alert on my acct for this piece of crap company. Save yourself a major headache and don't rent from this shady company. Even the guy who picked us up, literally told us that the company treated him badly. If I could give minus stars, I would.
Fiancé reserved a rental. Had a confirmation number and everything. we called to confirm as soon as we landed. The representative rudely said that they didn't have any additional vehicles and her confirmation number didn't matter. There was no phone call or anything to notify us of this issue. So we are now paying triple for a rental for our vacation. Poor customer service.
We booked through Atlas Choice and the rental company they gave us was America Car Rental company. I was a little skeptical because of the really low rate that we got. I was advised to contact the car rental place upon arrival at the cellphone lot in LAX. We did not have a phone so I used my wifi at the LAX to contact the company to let them know that we were on our way. The lady advised that she would not be able to provide me with any cars because they did not have any available. Apparently, the person who was supposed to bring back the car never did so they didnt have any cars available. Now we are stuck in the airport with two tired kids, hungry and with tons of luggage only to find out that we have no car! I was very upset and I asked the girl what I was supposed to do and she said that there was nothing she can do other then book us with another company but it would be more expensive, I wasn't willing to pay another $300 just for a week of car rental especially since I had already pre paid and booked with Atlas Choice. Anyways I explained to her that we had kids and unsure what we were to do. She then advised that me that she can have the driver come and pick us up from the phone lot c in 20 minutes and that she will have a car for me. We waited 45 minutes for the airport shuttle to come and take us to the phone lot where we had to use someone one's phone to contact them to come pick us up. Approx 15 minutes later a gentleman named Josh came and picked us up and 5 minutes later we were at the car rental place. I was grateful that they helped me even though it was not our fault. It is the worst thing to hear that your car isnt available and you will have to pay 8 times what you originally paid. She advised that another driver had dropped off their car earlier so she will provide the car for us. This was awesome from their end and I am very grateful for their help.
Refused to extend contact. Yet charged my account. Bad customer service. Tried to over charge deposit! Late on returning DEPOSIT!!! Ignoring my calls. Also they gave me rental with a bold tire! 0 STARS!
I arrived and the car I booked was not available. I was instantly redirected to a higher class car without any hassle whatsoever. Could not have been happier with the whole experience. Expedient, courteous, efficient. Excellent service.
This is the worst rental car ever! in August 2016 we had an eletronic problem with the car around Death Valley and they never send us a new car, we had to pay for an other rental and we lost 1300$ they never refund us! They are just robbers!
Car I rented was not to my liking. Without question they upgraded me free of charge. Very friendly and lowest prices
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Reviews, get directions and information America Car Rental.

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