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Leratong Hospital
Address: 1759 Johannesburg
City: Johannesburg
Zip Code: 1759
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I am so impressed and so grateful. The wonderful staff, incredible doctors and nurses, have all restored my faith in our country's medical services. The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is because a shortage of funding hasn't allowed for ongoing maintenance of the buildings. That being said, everything is spotlessly clean and fantastically run. Thank you to everyone at Leratong Hospital for the passion and dedication to your calling as a medical fraternity.
What a horror film. The staff don't have a worry in the world. You look for your own file first of all, they only speak Tswana or sePedi and you dare respond in English or your own language which is Xhosa in my case. The nurses carry on with their own personal lives while patients are waiting
Wow, things have improved at leratong hospital, you guys have great nurses and doctors, I do understand that they are under staffed and people are over populated especially the maternity ward but I saw the hard work, I am impressed. Ward6 is so clean and I feel that ward 12 should be treated the same, the toilets are horrible to be honest. But my experience was not so bad at the hospital. Keep it up and may god bless you all
A hospital lacking in facilities, resources, compassion of staff members and mostly lacking in provision of basic care to very ill patients who require care. I am shocked at the standard of South African hospitals. My father was admitted to Leratong with a massive stroke. He subsequently acquired a secondary or hospital acquired infection in this hospital. He has sepsis and is very unwell. He has been in hospital for three weeks now and the hospital has not managed to identify the cause of the sepsis. They have done blood culture analysis which was unsuccessful because the nurses and ward staff failed to adequately hydrate my father which affects the accuracy of the blood culture analysis. My father is unable to eat and drink by himself and there is little to no help from the nurses and ward staff for patients. If you dare to call the doctor for an update, the response are rude nurses who spend 10 minutes telling you off for a right you have to information about health of your parent rather than productively spend those same 10 minutes giving you an update. The staff members are frankly verbally abusive in their manners to the patients and the family of patients. Which country in this world claims to be a democracy whilst practicing this? Section 273 of your South African Constitution clearly does not impact the manner in you practically deliver care to patients. Furthermore, I have never come across more inhumane nurses and security staff. Patients who are seriously ill and have family who live abroad who have a limited amount of time to see family and are denied access. They have a ‘rule’ of two visitors per patient per day, which I have seen, being applied inconsistently. My daughter was denied access to see her grandfather whilst only in South Africa for a week. South African health, pull yourselves into an era of access to adequate healthcare for human beings and some compassion and flexibility when circumstances require. I am truly shocked at state hospital facilities in South Africa. Human beings fail to get healthcare unless a price is paid for a private hospital.
My wife and I visited the hospital on Saturday and was told that everything is fine meanwhile my wife was bleeding everyday until we went again on Wednesday and was admitted and got miscarriage, the doctors are all under learnerships and the seniors only work during the day and not at night; after two weeks my wife experienced bleeding again only to find out we where expecting twins which the students or doctors didn't see. Now we doing counseling for the both of us just to be strong .
I would rather die from my injuries that go here. Staff is rude and they won't assist you even when you ask for a simple wheel chair to move someone who can't walk.
No blankets or pillows? My sister that needed immediate attention was dropped of at 11:00 and was send for a scan at 20:00 and admitted at 1:00 the next day with no food and very little interaction with any staff!!!! What an absolute disgrace of a “heath “ institution!!!
So I wasn't there long just needed to get a booking date to come back for a check up since I'm 36 weeks currently pregnant, but my experience wasn't bad at all, security at the gate very helpful on where to go and where to park, the two ladies in the front desk of the ANC ward first seemed rude but then was helpful. Same security gentleman that helped us in saw me walking looking for my husband and showed me the way. Really friendly service and smiling faces on my 1st visit
I gave birth there on the 18 th of September 2022. The staff is very nice and their hospitality is amazing from the ANC clinic up to labor ward ,ward 12 stuff, ward 6 and ward 11 keep it up guys thank you sister Banda from ward 6 for helping me with my delivery
My husband was admitted to Leratong Hospital on the 15th April 2022. Since he was admitted in ward 14 there is a bravo male Old man that was admitted and me and my husband observed that the sisters of the ward only change the old man's nappy, since my husband was in that same room we can't recall once that one of the sisters working in that ward give the old man something to drink or to eat. He can't eat or drink by himself. The people bringing the food just put the food next to his bed and the sister's don't care about the patients in their ward. When the family arrives the old man is so thirsty when they give him something to drink. I don't even think this old man is going to come out of Leratong hospital alive. I am disgusted with the way that the patients get treated at this hospital.
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